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Barbara (Commission)

For FFB on tumblr
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I hope FFB also commissions you a tall "manly" RarityHeart   
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Elusive is the commonly accepted GB name for her.
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aw so cute and ffb?
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FFB is just the name of the guy who commissioned it
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One of the better human Barb pictures I've seen. Then again, it's by JonFawkes, so it's a given that I like it. 
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and spike still sometimes takes a mirror and goes LOOKING GOOD SPIKE  (like he told Pinkie in Party of One)
DashBlitz90-Fonnie's avatar
amazing :D make more Rule63
Regreme's avatar
any chance you can do the same for the other characters?
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If someone commissions it, sure
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can you please make him look not-gay-ish?
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Already pretty straight-ish, not sure what you want
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Spike's a boy not a girl, boys don't wear clothes like that.
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The design looks good, just wish you made a version for those who prefer seeing him as a boy.
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You cannot be this stupid. This is not possible. Admit your lies
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1. Why make demands for a picture you didn't commission?
2. That is obviously a girl. Just look at those boobs cute eyes.
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Its a girl, not guy. 
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Hurray for Fem-Spike!

She looks adorable
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