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Apple Pie (Pic of the week MLPS2E05)

By JonFawkes
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Could you do a full body version of Nightmare and one of Luna? I am in love with their design.

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I've drawn so many different versions of Nightmare Moon and Luna, I'm not sure which one you're referring to

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Like the full body armor of the one where elven nightmare moon is looking down her nose with the caption “Now that’s something I would like to see.” Just to see the rest of the armor because it looks absolutely beautiful!
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You should check out my "Nightmare War" series, I can't link it since it's adult work (porn), but it's @nightmare_war on twitter

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love your humanized art man keep it up

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I choose to take this as '3am' and '(Gone Sexual)'

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does this mean you might be doing more art on early seasons?

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No, this was just a one off callback for a special event. Maybe if there are still some special brony events going on that I'm invited to, I can do more

LightReading2's avatar

just curious what the even was. kind of good timing as Fan Theory TV you tube channel just happen to post their review of sister hooves social on same day you posted your image.

JonFawkes's avatar

It was for MidAir Pony Fair, which was an online convention.

The picture I drew was a request from stream attendees, the Fan Theory review posting on the same day is just a coincidence

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(Sorry... Sorry... I just wanted to be a little meanxD)
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Season 2.  My absolute favorite one.
And this episode was one of the reasons why.
KuroNeko369's avatar
one of my fav episodes
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¿We are what?
LightReading2's avatar

is this sisterhooves social. if so Rarity glad to get that mud off

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Wait, picture of the week? Season 2? Oh god, what year is it? Have I gone back in time again?
JonFawkes's avatar

Actually, I'm a version of Jon that came from the past and traveled to the future to deliver this picture

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