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A Better Way to be Bad (Pic of the week MLPS9E24)

Villains have more fun

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Cozy Glow looks beautiful!!! :heart: :meow: :heart: Great job!
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I love the Chrysalis Armor.
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theri looks awesome X3
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Perhaps you have non-blurred picture of cozy glow? Here she immediately attracts the eye, yet she is not the focus point. I find it really uncomfortable.

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Had to get all the actors back together and refocus the camera, but they were cooperative

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I think that looks even better. From storytelling and composition point of view.

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For some reason, I'm getting Remilia Scarlet vibes from Cozy.

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Awesome through it was a shame that gregor wasn't real
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Villain's are pretty much always more fun and interesting. 

What’s the red light behind Cozy supposed to be?

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And I would've had you all locked up for quintillion life sentences in the most deepest parts of Tartarus after this private sting operation if it wasn't for you meddlin' supervillains!
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That twist behind Grogar? You're right, Tirek. It was. 😮
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They do!! your work is fantastic!!!
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(OoC: This drawing is unexpected)
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