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Featherfall Studios The Vinyl Scratch Tapes Ep 2

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Voice Actor and Artist.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Hiro Suzuhira, Rei Izumi, Noizi Ito, Tony Taka, Carnelian, Eeji Komatsu, Koge-Donbo, and more
Favourite Games
Portal, Tales of Symphonia, Planetarian
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Tools of the Trade
Pencil, nice notebook, photoshop
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Anime, Manga, Games

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Commissions are closed! I will not be accepting any more until I finish what's currently in my queue. I tried this queue thing, and it was really more trouble than convenience, so when my commissions open up again, they will be first come first served, and I will be a little more picky about what I accept for commission. I'm gonna make a lot of changes in 2020. I'm gonna start some new projects. I'm gonna finish my old ones. I no longer really have time to take commissions, but I know people still want them, so I will try to accept them when I can. Hope you all have a happy and successful new year

Commissions are CLOSING

Commissions are CLOSING

I've had my commissions open all year working on a queue based system, but right now there are over 20 requests sitting in my queue waiting, and I'm finding myself with less and less time to draw. So at the end of this year, I am closing my commissions. If you are in the queue, I will finish your commission. Otherwise, my commissions slots are not going to open back up until I finish all of these. If you still want a commission, I will still accept people into the queue until the end of the year. Thanks for everyone who's stuck with me this long, for your patience, and for your understanding. I'm still gonna do art, but I hope I'll find the time to do bigger and better things come the new year.

Trying a new commissions model for 2019

Trying a new commissions model for 2019

So instead of intermittently opening and closing my commissions every few months and having to direct people elsewhere, and given my current demand for commissions, I am instead going to be using a queue system. I will only be taking one commission at a time, but anyone who wants one will be put in a queue and I will contact you when I am ready to accept your commission. Hopefully this way I can keep commissions open longer and more people will have the chance to buy a commission if they so choose So with that said, my commissions are official open again, and hopefully this time they stay open

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Happy Birthday!

Hi do you take requests?

I do not, sorry

Here's a pic I found for you.  Spike overnight growth spurt S2E10 by alpha-power  

My little pony THE MANGA vol 2 comic is good. get the ponies doing the type of groundhog day time loop story that we got with EG Sunset backstage pass

hear from Dr Wolf going to have new G4  shorts  every monday.  I saw on you tube first episode A DRESSING MEMORIES where twilight in for one of the many princess of equestria gown fitting  with starlight secretly  using magic to create the magic memory scrap book she gave as a gift in the final problem