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HELLO Everybody!!!!
Hiya folks!! :wave: I am a new member and co-founder to Friend-of-Friends! I am a chronic daydreamer and storyteller. :icondreamplz: My mind has wandered into and out of realm of tall tales and fantasy ever since I was born. Whether it is sublime kingdom of elvenkind, boisterous machine-city of steampunk genre, neon colored metropolis of the future, or desolate, scorched earth of post-apocalyptic wasteland, my imagination and I have explored its charms and mysteries... :iconimaginationplz:
Recently, I have been focusing on the universe of Elder Scrolls franchise (Especially its "lost" and obscure races) and had written several chapters of fanfictions on DA.

Aside from the fanfictions, I have delved into fictional languages of the universe's lore and have done some research and study of my own.

For now, I spend most of my online hours writing RP with my :iconbffplz: :iconcopper9lives: involving our OC's, Gyrion and Linn
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Gyrion Biography
Spoiler free biography
Name: Gyrion
Race: Snow Elf
Physical appearance:
• Eye: slightly slanted, Midnight blue
• Skin color: White
• Hair: Reaches the back of his neck, white
• Father: Gylaril (?- 3E 433)
• Mother: Belvena (?- 3E 433)
• Spouse: Linnea Solveig Alvarsdottir (Nord, 4E 178- present)
Born: High Rock, 3E 133
Age: 502 years old, considered young for a Snow Elf (average lifespan 4000+ years)
Raised: Tamriel. Wandered extensively with his nomadic clan. Mostly stayed in wilderness in his clan camp
• Usually shy and reticent, but becomes animated and enthusiastic when discussing subjects he is passionate about.
• Can be rash when his emotion gets the best of him.
• Mischievous sense of humor and quick wit.
• Scholarly and abstracted at times, good at thinking on his feet.
• Cautious around those he doesn't know, but kind and gentle with those he does
• Sensitive and caring soul
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Flawless Logic ch.2
Snow Elves gingerly stepped out to the crisscrossing stone bridge linking various sections of this magnificent Dwemer metropolis.  Green flames of the oil lanterns and chandeliers burned like torchbugs in the night sky. Jagged rock formations spread endlessly above the cityscape, resembling upside mountains. Anaeron could vaguely see glistening ore veins carved into the cave ceiling, so rich that they seem ready to just drip with precious minerals. Buildings of bronze and chiseled stone filled the earth below with hundreds of Dwemer citizens and diligent animunculi darting to and fro, giving testament to the flourishing civilization of the Deep Elves. Starkly contrasting landscape above and below made Anaeron feel like he was standing on the boundary of two worlds.
“It’s like a whole different Nirn down here.” Lynthir murmured, looking wildly at the otherworldly spectacle. “And the people above hadn’t had the slightest idea…”
Lynthir wasn&
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Flawless Logic ch.1
Wagon wheels bumped against the low dimple in the dirt as the ragtag band of pale elves passed through the woodland clearing. Cloudless summer skies stretching endlessly over the mountains of Mereth. Mild scent of honey drifted from the hanging branches. Occasional butterflies and other colorful insects floated lazily over the swaying blossoms, Warm sunlight stoking the gentle petals as the midsummer breeze tickled their folds.
It was a perfect day to…
“…Stop and take a break! I can’t go any further.” Grunted one of the company. The stout Elf slumped down on the nearby tree, panting his lungs away. He rummaged the sack and pulled out a water skin from which he drank eagerly.
Hilyat! (Come on!) Orthalf! We can’t stop now!” A taller kinsmen shouted from the front. “We should have met up with the Elders hours ago and the Companions may still be on our tail!”
To an outsider, he would have seemed barely past his twentieth y
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Dwemeris, A Study (Elderscrolls Dwarvish)
Hello, my fellow Elder Scrolls enthusiasts! For my next installment in language study series, I give you Dwemeris! The language of the reclusive, subterranean Dwemer!
The only usable source (only comprehensible source) of written text is the Calcelmo’s Stone in Markarth (Appears in Skyrim). The tablet is marvelous find! This is the tablet in English alphabets…
(If you are just here for the phrases I have made, scroll to the very bottom of the page)
Falmeri (Ayelidoon)
ye sa sou meldi calne tarn va molagnensaliye trumbi nou bala
ilpen av sou meldi nagaiale as guntumnia spantelepelaelia arani morae
ye sou liebali racurane ye nu rautane sye ye nu hautalle nou buroi
gune sou gravuloi sa metane sye garlis frey as gondra doemera tarcel
lane sou agea silya nu hecta sou arcten rias nu nemalanta ge nu hecta sou epe
gandra rias ne nemelauta ge nu frey sepe sye arcta varlor denai
cullei noue sta
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Snowfall pt.9 Memories of KnightPaladin Gelebor
Gelebor walked the empty grey corridors not unlike the ones in the Chantry. Hallway was eerily silent. There was absolutely no sound; no wind, no gentle tap of his boots on the stone tile floors, not even the sound of his own breath.
“Hello? Is there anyone here?” He shouted to the desolation.
As if to answer his call, an iron gate materialized at the far end of the aisle. Gelebor walked up and tentatively put his hand on the door’s cool metal surface. The entrance slid effortlessly on its own. He nervously peered inside. It was the Inner Sanctum and yet it felt… different. Air felt colder, heavier like a cold mist. A man wearing the white cuirass of a paladin sat on an elevate throne, cradling a woman in his arms. The figure leaned forward to kiss the woman, revealing his face.
“Vyrthur?” Gelebor muttered in disbelief.
Gaunt Arch-Curate stopped caressing the pale figure on his lap and looked up.
“Why didn’t you save me, brother?”
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Ayleidoon Phrases (Elder Scrolls Elvish)
Be sure to visit for full list of Ayelidoon words...
Ye sa tarn anda la, nou mer ye pellan mitta Auri-El da. (And so pass long time, my people and outsider enter Auriel fane --> And so after many years, my people and an outsider enter Auriel's temple)
--> This was the dialogue I was going to use when my snow elven Dragonborn first meet Gelebor with Serana.
A Auran Nu (I welcome you.)
Auri-El sunna nu (Auri-El bless you)
Arctavoy Balangua! (Acknowledge my power!)
Ne. (Never or No.)
Naga! (Death!)
Angua Anyammis Ae Sunna (My life is blessed.)
Baune Trinimiac Delle Nu Bala (Mighty Trinimac grant you power.)
Mathmeldi (Exile)
Bisnensel (New water hall)
-->from the word above, You know Bisnen means "new water" since "Sel" means "Hall". So, while it is not canon, one can assume that "Bis" means "new" and "Nen" means "water"
Dwemer Racuvar Nou Mer va Molag ye Bal. (dwemer cast down our people in fire and stone)
Jorane (Betrayed) AKA Falmer
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Snowfall pt.8 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
“Damn it…” Niramia muttered.
The young paladin she was tending to stared blankly at the ceiling, blood seeped from the soiled tourniquet wrapped around his chest. She gently placed her palm over his eyes and closed them. The prelates’ study was transformed into a makeshift infirmary. All of the bookshelves and tables were shipped out to the courtyard to be used as palisade, leaving enough rooms for the wounded to file in. Disheveled prelates, with their arms full of bandages and crimson water basins, darted between the moaning figures lying on the stone floor.
“How many dead?” Knight-Paladin asked over the groans of injured men next to him.
“Seventeen, maybe more.” Priestess replied, running her hands through her bun-like hair.
“Ancestors…” whispered the paladin. It was almost half of his men.
“Do you think the Betrayed will return?” Asked Niramia.
“I don’t know but we are shoring up our defense
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Snowfall pt.7 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
Gelebor laid motionless on his bed. In his dreams, he saw himself standing at his Wayshrine. He looked older, calmer, and more peaceful. The older man turned to him, silently mouthing something to his younger self.
Faint bellow of a horn woke Gelebor’s slumber.
“What the-” He grumbled. The horn sounded again, this time louder. The paladin perked up.
‘The warning horn!’ He grabbed his mace and put on his helm.
‘The sentries would not have sounded the horn unless there was a full-scale invasion.’ He thought as he hurried out the door. Grey clouds have covered the night skies and sheet of thick snow began to envelope the temple grounds. Already, several paladins were present at the great bridge to the Chantry.
“Did you hear it too, sir?” Halyarel asked groggily, fixing his skewed pauldron.
“I did, do you know what is happening?” Gelebor looked to the other end of the bridge
A frantic woman ran across the overpass, waving he
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Snowfall pt.6 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
The next day, Knight-Paladin feigned illness and had Halyarel take his place at the Morning Prayer. The paladin packed a small bedroll into his knapsack and left for the Darkfall cave before anyone could notice his absence. The caverns he had been so accustomed to over the last centuries now felt foreign.
Time eluded him as he sat stagnant at the ancient gateway. Gelebor couldn’t tell if the gloom of the cavern came from its dark reaches or from his own mind. For days, he dwelt in that cave out of self-imposed exile. Only Prelate Edhelbor visited him regularly to deliver his meals.
Moonlight shone on the Wayshrine’s smooth contour for the third time. The wizened priest came through the portal with dinner.
“You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, my child.” Old man said bracingly, placing a tray of food. “Mind if an old man joins you?
“What about your Wayshrine?” Gelebor asked dully.
“Ah, I’m sure our ancestors built it to last m
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Snowfall pt.5 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
Erien didn’t leave her rooms the following day. Concerned Chantry folks left food and water at the initiate’s doors, along with a new set of robes. Vyrthur spent his entire day in the Inner Sanctum, even forgoing the Morning Prayer, imploring Auri-El to heed his plea.
“He is not answering me.” Arch-Curate croaked, his voice hoarse. “I prayed and prayed until I couldn’t utter another word. Still he wouldn’t answer.”
“He will hear you eventually. Drink up.” Assured Gelebor, handing him a cup of water.
“Had Erien left her room yet?” Vyrthur asked gingerly, swallowing the content of the cup with some difficulty.
“No. No, she did not.” His brother replied. The Arch-Curate grimaced.
“Take heart, little brother.” Gelebor comforted him. “Erien will return to you. She will.”
After midnight, Knight-Paladin returned to the chapel from his duties and waited outside Erien’s room, hoping
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Snowfall pt.4 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
The Morning Prayer resonated in the temple hall. Knight-Paladin stood resolute at his place next to the Arch-Curate. He glanced over to Erien. Shadows hung below her eyes. Clearly, she didn’t sleep at all yesterday, revelation regarding Arch-Curate’s feelings towards her no doubt kept her awake. The prayer began and all present in the room lowered their head in reverence. Gelebor couldn’t help but notice his brother’s gaze lingering on the Initiate.
Auri-El, Udhendra nou mer. (Auri-El, Father of our people.)” Arch-Curate chanted. “Oio aran av la. Admavoy sou malaburi. (Eternal Lord of Time. Hear your worshippers.)”
Nu man Amaraldane anyammis. (You who heralds life.)” The Erien replied softly with the crowd. “Emeratuvoy angu va laloria. Dellevoy angu sou la av agea. (Guide me in this dark times. Grant me your light of wisdom.)”
Auri-El Ae La, Auri-El Ae Agea, Auri-El Ae malatu
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Snowfall pt.3 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
The following day, Arch-Curate announced to the congregation that he would have a private audience with the newcomer later this evening. There were some who knew that the pilgrim didn’t complete her trial. The Trial of Enlightenment entailed passing through each of the Wayshrines, learning the mantras of Auri-El from the prelates, then reaching the Chantry with their ewers filled with water drawn from the Wayshrines. But the people understood the irregularity of her visit and did not object to Arch-Curate’s decision.
Gelebor manned his Wayshrine after the Morning Prayer as usual. The watch duty ended prematurely when Paladin Halyarel came through the Wayshrine and saluted his superior.
Auri-El suna nu, sir.” He greeted. “I’m here to take you place at the Wayshrine, sir.”
“Halyarel, Auri-El suna nu yando. Does the Arch-Curate require my presence again?” Knight-Paladin asked smiling.
“The Arch-Curate has indeed as
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Snowfall pt.2 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
“Halyarel, Ancaiel, Tayrie. I have a task for you.” Knight-commander called to his subordinates after the Morning Prayer. “Some refugee hunters reported a frost giant footprint near the frozen waterfall. I want you three to confirm the rumor and report back to me with the beast’s whereabouts if you can.”
“Shouldn’t it be simpler to assign us more men and kill the beast instead?” Questioned Paladin Tayrie. Other two paladins grumbled their own complaint.
“Our primary duty is to maintain vigil over the Chantry and its Wayshrines. Chasing after creatures that may or may not exist at all comes second.” Gelebor told her. “Return to your regular guard posts as soon as your task is done. Understood?”
“Yes sir.” They replied.
“Dimissed. Auri-El emeratu nu. (Auri-El guide you.)”
Auri-El emeratu nu, Knight-Paladin.” The paladins saluted in unison.
Gelebor left for his post a
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Snowfall pt.1 -Memories of Knight-Paladin Gelebor-
A drop of water fell from the ceiling and splashed on the rocky floor beneath. Its sound resonating throughout the silent cavern. Single ray of sunshine shone from above and illuminated the ancient structure. The stone dome lay buried beneath the cave floor, unblemished by the test of time. Beside the dome, was a small altar; crafted into the shape of a sun. A silent figure knelt in front of a humble shrine, his eyes closed shut. White mail gleamed over his pale skin, covering him in a gentle glow. He opened his mouth and began to chant.
Auri-El, Udhendra nou mer. (Auri-El, Father of our people.)
Oio aran av la. (Eternal Lord of Time.)
Admavoy sou malaburi. (Hear your worshippers.)
Nu man Amaraldane anyammis. (You who heralds life.)
Emeratuvoy angu va laloria.(Guide me in this dark times.)
Dellevoy angu sou la av agea. (Grant me your light of wisdom.)
Auri-El Ae La, (Auri-El is Light.)
Auri-El Ae Agea, (Auri-El is Wisdom.)
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Return of the Lost 18 -Tale of the Snow Elf-
It was late night when the carriage came to a halt inside the embassy courtyard. Elven guards stood vigilant around the premises. The atmosphere of the embassy reminded me of a fortress.
“Invitations please.” The guard outside the embassy said politely.
“Is there a problem?” I asked, acting casually as possible.
“No sir, just a formality. I’m sure you understand.” He replied. Despite his words, the guard looked ready to cut me down if I didn’t show me my invitation promptly.
“Of course.” I nodded and handed the envelope.
“Thank you sir, go right in.” the guard opened the door for me as I entered.
The interior of the embassy was warm and inviting, a stark contrast to the cold and unfriendly reception I received outside. I could already hear laughter and pleasant music coming from the corner. A tall High Elven woman in a distinguished black dress gracefully walked towards me, her gait oozing with confidence.
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My BFF copper9lives  is showcasing her jewelry, handmade by her, at an art show!  Scouted for a local arts show!I've been contacted by RAW Artists — and will be showing my shinies at the OVATION show on October 11 in Indianapolis! Any of you in the area, please consider purchasing a ticket to support me — AND COME SAY HI!!! :heart:
Here is my artist profile: (where you can buy tickets)
And here is info about the show!

So excited... :squee:
 This may be the breakthrough opportunity for this wondrous shiny-monger, so check it out before she gets too famous and sells her shinies at an auction for crap ton of $$$. Congrats, Copper! 

                                                                                           Oohshiny  Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Raw Indianapo by Jonesymin
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