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By thing. Creature. Sketchbook page!
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
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lines lines lines. Beautiful lines. T.T
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you make amazing artwork. i love many of your posts!
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Excellent design in it, aside from the amazing structure of the brush strokes. Nice!
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Gaaah These are so cool!!!
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It's very abstract,but somehow the dash of scarlet and the brushstrokes are magical!!
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I'm not normally a fan of abstract work. However, you've got such a beautiful brush stroke that I'm totally into it.
ajd's avatar
Jumping out of the page!
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Your brush strokes, as always, are ridiculously elegant.
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It doesn't matter what it is, but it looks great!
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love it jjaja because when we draw in a Sketchbook what ever we have in the brain run to the paper.
dasoro's avatar
It looks like a ninja bat!

And I LOVE your lines!!!! They give it a nice sense of flow and movement.
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Abstract makes so much sense for you. I'm loving these new pieces.
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gorrila pelican, left to right that is.
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I totally LOVE it. I don't really see the bat dog though. I see more of a fish bunny in the top movement going right to left and more of a gorilla pelican going right to left in the bottom portion. am I looking at it all wrong?
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