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This is my first digital portrait. I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I would appreciate any comments or critiques.

Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Intuos 4
Many Many hours

Please visit my Facebook page to see my other work or to view some of the steps involved in creating this one. [link]

Thanks to the model, Livia, for the reference image: [link]
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This is excellent. (: I love the colors and the way her hair looks.
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Thank you. That was actually what I felt I did the poorest on. The one I'm working on now doesn't have hair. You can check that one out on my Facebook page [link] I'll post it here if it turns out.
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WOw, I like the clothes! My first digital portrait was not that good as yours ^^
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Thank you. I have a lot of experience with drawing portraits and painting landscapes so I guess that helped some though digital painting is nothing like traditional. I'm throwing some figure work in on my next one. Check out my WIP on my Facebook page: [link]
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Thank you!
You can follow my work on my facebook page: [link]
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You're welcome!:)
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This is great but I would add a little more texture :D
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Wow pretty cool you did a great job love the shading on the face and the folds as well but I feel like the hair could have been better know it’s really frustrating to try and make the hair look real but its something that has to be done I think the shape given to the hair here it’s a little awkward and the hair shading could have been better also it looks like it has burned split ends XD but besides that I se nothing wrong in the future try mixing in some other colors like warm read or other colors to make the skin look more alive and give a little more shading on the clothes good Job =).
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I still have a long way to go on hair. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Thanks for the tips on the shading!
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Wow, very nice. Looks very realistic. Keep it up! Check out my work as well :)
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Thanks. I'll take a look.
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