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So instead of the usual happenings on Raw for the month of October I'll be working on some Halloween inspired sketches for this month's Monday Night Draw! Featuring some of the scary/horror themed WWE inspired wrestlers.  

Here's a little preview! 

Mankind - WIP by JonDavidGuerra   Boogeyman - WIP by JonDavidGuerra

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DigitalCommissions-Info by JonDavidGuerra

For a short time I’ll be doing Digital Commissions! If you ever wanted a commission now is a good time to pick one up. These are less expensive than my traditional commissions since there's no printing costs.

Just inbox me, here on DeviantArt, what you want and you'll get a high-res image that you can print or use any way you like.

Digital Commissions are now closed! I want to thank everybody that pick one up, you all ROCK!
I'll post up when I open up Digital Commissions again. 
New NPW Logo by JonDavidGuerra

What's the next Nightmare Pro Wrestling story arc about? Take a look at the streamlined and updated NPW Logo.
What do you guys thinK?
#MonsterKingTournament #nightmareprowrestling
NPW Merch! by JonDavidGuerra

These came in today! NPW Issue 5, Monday Night Draw sketchbook, and NPW Collection Vol.1 are all back in stock!

Pick yours up at the NPW Shop!
Nightmare Pro Wrestling by JonDavidGuerra

Interesting things going on in the Nightmare Pro Wrestling Studio!
I small preview of what's going on with the next story arc. I'll have more soon!

COMICPALOOZA 2014 by JonDavidGuerra

Comic­palooza 2014! I’ll be at Comic­palooza this week­end May 23 — 26th in Hous­ton, Texas! I’ll be at BOOTH #1127! Look for the Night­mare Pro Wrestling Ban­ner! This is one of my favorite shows and I’ll be debut­ing a few new things there so stay tuned to the site and related social media for those announce­ments com­ing soon.

Nightmare Pro Wrestling - Updates Start Monday! by JonDavidGuerra
The Wyatt Family vs The Shield by JonDavidGuerra

Do you think We'll see the Wyatts going up against the Shield again at Mania? 
I'm thinking about doing a 11x17 art print of the Wyatt Family battling The Shield but I might wait to see what's in store for them at the PPV. 
Would you guys be interested in the print?

  Hey Night­mare Pro Wrestling Universe! 
I just posted the lat­est web­comic page and it’s a week late. So here’s what’s going on, I orig­i­nally had cre­ated a few pages in advance as a buffer so I wouldn’t miss any posts, I’m out of that buffer. I have recently taken on a few com­mis­sion and free­lance illus­tra­tion jobs that have had to take pri­or­ity over the comic for a bit. What does this mean? I will not be post­ing up pages for the rest of the month of Decem­ber. When will I start post­ing again? I’ll start post­ing again in January….when in Jan­u­ary? I’m not too sure yet.
I want to cre­ate another solid buffer so I won’t miss any updates again.
All of my Com­mis­sions and free­lance jobs should be done by the end of Decem­ber so I’m hop­ing to get pages fin­ished up around that time as well, doing a lit­tle here and a lit­tle there as I work on those jobs. I will make sure to keep you all posted.

Thanks again for all the con­tin­ued sup­port! 
Hope every­body has a Merry Christ­mas and Happy Holidays!

Wizard World Austin B56 by JonDavidGuerra

Wiz­ard World Austin 2013! I’ll be at Wiz­ard World Austin this week­end, Novem­ber 22 — 24th, booth B56! Stop by say hi and pick up some comics!
I will also be apart of the Indie Rev­o­lu­tion Panel, Sat­ur­day Novem­ber 23rd at 4pm, with Chris Nicholas, Dan Price, Bonn Adame, 
Zach Tay­lor,
 and Jeremy The Artist.
CAG 87 by JonDavidGuerra

Going to be on the Comic Are Great podcast tomorrow with Jerzy Drozd and Eric Orchard! Talking 'How do you make a horror story in a static medium like comics? What are the tricks to building dread and suspense? And how does visual style contribute to creating images that are unsettling or frightening?' Drop on in for the live stream!
Alamo City Comic Con by JonDavidGuerra

I'll be at Alamo City Comic Con this weekend in San Antonio TX. October 25-27! Tabel A132!

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Issue 5 - Cover! by JonDavidGuerra

Night­mare Pro Wrestling Issue 5 Cover! Nightmare Pro Wrestling Issue 5 starts up NEXT WEEK! The epic No Dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion bat­tle between NPW Cham­pion Grim and #1 con­tender Dev­as­ta­tor Dragon for the Night­mare Pro Wrestling Cham­pi­onship will be post­ing up weekly, start­ing Mon­day! Who will be vic­to­ri­ous!? Check back every Mon­day to find out at!

Ghost King Cover by JonDavidGuerra

Ghost King dig­i­tal comic! My 8 page mini-comic, Ghost King, is now avail­able as a dig­i­tal down­load on Gum­road!

The comic is about a kid named Casey King who inher­ited the fam­ily curse of being haunted by thir­teen ghosts. However, unlike fam­ily mem­bers before him, he has decided to use this curse to be a hero.

Godzilla Vs Monster Zero by Jon David Guerra by JonDavidGuerra

Godzilla vs Monster Zero print is back in stock at the NPW Shop!
Updated the Nightmare Pro Wrestling site! Still got a little more to go. Check it out and  let me know what you think:
NPW Championship Belt by Asteroid Belt Company by JonDavidGuerra

Eric From Asteroid Belt Company sent in the latest pic of his amazing work on the NIGHTMARE PRO WRESTLING Championship Belt! SO COOL! He's been working on it for a while now and has been keeping me updated on his progress. I can't wait for it to get here in the mail!
Things are going to slow down a little as we get into our groove of new Baby/new parents.