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Dear Followers,

thank you for your great feedback and responses!
15000 visits after the last 3 months. I'm totally amazed. I'm a member since 2008 but the past quarter was outshining. You know I'm a member of Palladium Power, a software development 'studio' for Microsoft-Products, like WinPhone and Windows 8. I have released many concepts with the Palladium Power branding. But Palladium Power is only a hobbyiest-'software company'. The more I release new concepts, the more our software is displaced.
So I decided to seperate the concepts from Palladium Power. Palladium Power still exists! It will only represent our software Products.

If you would like to see new stuff you could join my new Facebook-Page called Phone Designer:
and stay tuned at Palladium Power:…

Best regards, Jonas :)