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iPhone 6 Dali Edition (#bendgate)

A satirical statement about #bendgate. ;-)
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Love this game so much! Let's share it with many people, because it is a great game. Too awesome

Thanks for your contribution, I appreciate you, and looking forward to get more like this from you in future.

This design is very sleek and sharp for front image as wallpaper.

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Tks very much for your post.

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Source: Bokeh Wallpaper iPhone

Best rgs
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Go the the kitchen and get me a rolling pin! Quick!
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Dat would be cool if it could lol:happybounce: 
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art in modern products~~
[best use of dem iphone]
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I heard some iphones 6 got bent out of shape while in a pocket. Seen it on IGN on youtube.
Guess the iphone 6 was designed by Dali. XD
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oh,no ,what's wrong with the Phone 6 ```````
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New iPhone with iMelt
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the iphone 6 it will bend to your will ( even against your will)
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iPhones should probably be able to do this in a year or two probably to avoid accidents with cracking screens
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The picture is great.

As for those who think it's an Apple innovation, well, Samsung did this earlier....… And LG had launched a flexible one last winter, just flexible in a different way.
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"iPhone 6 - The most flexible iPhone yet!" :P
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Cool! Nerdy, but cool
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Sooo, you are the mastermind behind this awesomeness?
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Don't you know that if your Iphone bends it means you're holding it wrong.  Apple is perfect in every way and Jobs is its Prophet. 
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Can't tell if serious or troll.
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I am being silly.
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