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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 920 - High End Concept.
Inspired by Lumia 800 and 900.
Fully done in 3D.

Palladium Power

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The real 920 is not as awesome as this but it's still a great phone
930 is even better 940 will kick @$$, I hope that it will come with snapdragon 810 with a 64-bit version of Windows 10
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Great work!
I really like it!! Where and when may I buy it?
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I would say that Lumia is one of the best thing that Nokia has done. This phone has let Nokia Cell Phones make a survive. if you want something more about this, then checlk this link

JonDae's avatar
Totally agree. Thanks for the link :)
keiwaiyin's avatar
amazing design
JonDae's avatar
Many thanks :)
UltimateRT's avatar
Damn, even my PC isn't that powerful. Nice concept and render, tho.
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:D Thank you! Now we have Windows Phone 8 > QuadcorePhones :)
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Muchas gracias!! :)
Christian-Bratty's avatar
I absolutely love it! Keep it up! :D
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AWESOME! You should really send this to Nokia so they can get some inspiration for the next Lumia! :-)
WP7User's avatar
I must ask, what software are you using?? :D BTW, AWESOME work! :D
JonDae's avatar
Hey, thank you. :)
I'm using Rhino and Blender Cycles

WP7User's avatar
I'm currently using 3DS Max, do you recommend a certain rendering software? :)
JonDae's avatar
Definitely V-Ray for 3ds max. Or maybe Keyshot, really fast rendering software.
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nice nice nice!
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Why 920, right now the 900 is a single core platform, you'll be in the 1000s before we ever see quad core on a Win Phone
intel-4004's avatar
It looks great!
jpaulcruz98's avatar
i wanna have that phone so sick!
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