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Compasses for Windows Phone 7

New compass app for Windows Phone 7. Will be available now. (without the smartphones ;-) )

More information and follow us if you like @ Facebook [link]

Teaser Trailer: [link]

Download Compasses: [link]

Mostly bugs are fixed. :)
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omg awesome!! nice job!
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Jonas, can you do tutorial?)
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which phone is it? the lumia 800?
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Nope, it's custom. Made by myself. :)
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unique app and unique phone..
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I'm now preparing a free ebook based on my lectures, and will distribute it for free. How can I use this picture as the cover of the book? Danke :)
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Hi Nukov,
sry to say, but you can't use this picture for your ebook, because it is part of a corporate (Compasses-App for Windows Phone 7).
But you can use other pictures from me, for example the Surface Phone or some Nokia concepts.

Best regards from germany, Jonas
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Beautiful render! And those phones looks awesome.
prabhdeepsingh7's avatar
Microsoft Surface with windows 8 Pro and RT specification: [link]
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This gives me a sense of the so called "metal-liquid" that the next iphone is going to be made of. Who knows you probably guessed their design! :clap:
pk1st's avatar
Fcking Awesomes, please make it for IOS too ! :D
JonDae's avatar
Hard to say. Not in the near future. :(
But it would be cool. :)
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Very cool, send this concept to nokia please :D
saggyvenom's avatar
The dummy phone looks so amazing! Goes beautifully with the metro design.
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Thank you very much! But it's just Nokia inspired. So not really my own design. ^^
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Too bad my Optimus 7 doesn't have compass.
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Looks awesome - could you publish it to other markets (like US?). Thanks...
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Hi alenaski. It's already available worldwide. My fault, posting only the german link. [link]
Btw after releasing 'Compasses' we received some heavy critics (in the US), cause there was a bug on some devices - didn't save settings - it should be fixed.
Is there something wrong or you need support, you can contact us via deviantart, mail etc. :)

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that's a beautiful app! very nice look to it!
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