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Blackheart - 1.0: The Stranger - Part I by jonbromle1 Blackheart - 1.0: The Stranger - Part I :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 1 Blackheart - Coming Soon #2 by jonbromle1 Blackheart - Coming Soon #2 :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 7 4 ST: Chimera - Christmas and Chimera Parts I and II by jonbromle1 ST: Chimera - Christmas and Chimera Parts I and II :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 4 2 ST:Academy: 4.1: Force to be Reckoned With by jonbromle1 ST:Academy: 4.1: Force to be Reckoned With :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 5 2 Blackheart - Coming Soon by jonbromle1 Blackheart - Coming Soon :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 7 2 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Sophie Amitai by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Sophie Amitai :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 2 0 ST: The Academy - Vol.4 - Admiral Jessica Daniels by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4 - Admiral Jessica Daniels :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 0 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Conor Samuels by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Conor Samuels :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 2 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Lieutenant M'Genn by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Lieutenant M'Genn :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 2 1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Andrew Vjoid by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Andrew Vjoid :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 4 3 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Alegzandre Criss by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy - Vol.4: Cadet Alegzandre Criss :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 2 ST: Diplomatic Relations - Lt. Commander Calendar by jonbromle1 ST: Diplomatic Relations - Lt. Commander Calendar :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 2 0 ST: The Academy: Anthology Vol.4: Red Squad by jonbromle1 ST: The Academy: Anthology Vol.4: Red Squad :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 5 Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations - Sovik by jonbromle1 Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations - Sovik :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 2 0 Star Trek: Chimera - 8.9: Illogicality by jonbromle1 Star Trek: Chimera - 8.9: Illogicality :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 0 Star Trek: Chimera - 8.7/8.8: Masters and Kings by jonbromle1 Star Trek: Chimera - 8.7/8.8: Masters and Kings :iconjonbromle1:jonbromle1 3 0


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Blackheart - 1.0: The Stranger - Part I
Star Trek: Blackheart
Season One - Episode One:
“The Stranger,” Part I

Iota Draconis-B, a “super-Jupiter” planet lies at the heart of the Iota Star-System just over a hundred light years away from Earth.
The planet orbits it’s home star if Iota at a distance much closer than Earth orbits it’s sun and is has an abundance of moons that were colonised by many of the early spacefaring civilisations.
Home to Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and many more, the Draconis-B is renowned within the Alpha-Quadrant as a planet that is home to what can only be described as a precursor to the Federation.
The inhabitants of these moons are known as ‘Draconians’ and they have each carved out a unique way of life, culture and in 2212 the first ‘true’ Draconian was born on one of the foremost settled moons of Draconis-B.
With the exception of a handful of colonists on the world’s twelve moons, the vast majority of the inhabitants coexist peacefully...

Devin -the largest of the fourteen moons is home to the Iota Dilithium Mines and is often frequented by Starfleet following a trade deal that was secured in the late 23rd Century between the Draconians and the Federation.
Naturally, Devin was considered somewhat of a centre of commerce -not only did the Federation trade with the Draconians for dilithium, but so did the Romulans, the Klingons and even the Cardassians allowing for large cities to be constructed on the moon which served as welcome respite for those who travelled vast distances to purchase dilithium and other valuable resources.

It’s said that you could literally buy anything on Devin. One man was proud of that claim, Evan Mcallister -a brilliant entrepreneur, businessman. Concentrating on arms dealing as well as the sale and distribution of narcotics throughout the Federation and beyond, Mcallister was a wanted man by many within the Federation. Not only did Evan pride himself on the fact that you can buy anything on Devin, he also was very proud of the fact that he hadn’t been caught -many had tried to bring him to justice.
Federation Security Forces learned that he assisted Duras during the attempt to destabilise the New Federation peace process with the Klingons. The Cardassian Union attempted to kill him for his involvement with selling weapons to the Bajoran Resistance of 2418. Even the Andorians wanted him dead for selling biological weapons to their enemies -an act which almost resulted in the Andorian people going extinct!

Evan Mcallister was ‘high profile,’ considered a threat to the integrity of the Federation and a danger to many -yet despite this, he still remained at large and after the recent destruction of a New Federation starship, an act that he presided over, it was clear that Starfleet had made Mcallister one of their most wanted ‘enemies of the state.’

Ranking number one on the New Federation’s most wanted list, and having held that position for a number of years, Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Security decided to bring down Evan Mcallister once and for all. To that end, they wanted an in. Starfleet wanted to put a man on the inside, to report back about Mcallister’s movements and actions, to get inside the mind of one of the the New Federation’s most wanted.

Admiral James Eli, Chief of Starfleet Intelligence was tasked to find a suitable officer to infiltrate Mcallister’s organisation -a difficult task to say the least however, he felt he was up to the challenge, after all, he had a vested personal interest in bringing Mcallister to justice.
Three months ago, the New Federation starship Sutherland was destroyed and after learning of Mcallister’s involvement in its destruction, he set himself a personal goal of finding him and making Evan Mcallister pay for what he had done. Mcallister had robbed Admiral Eli of a daughter and a grandchild. Not only that, but he had been directly or indirectly involved in the loss of over two hundred men, women and children aboard the Sutherland and despite his objectivity being heavily clouded, Starfleet Command allowed Eli to not only carry out the investigation into the destruction of the Sutherland, but bring whoever was responsible to justice.

Eli had several hundred officers recommended for the task of infiltrating Mcallister’s organisation and the task of finding someone up for the challenge and the mission was certainly not easy...that was until he came across Robin Blake’s file.
Like the admiral, Blake had also lost someone aboard the Sutherland -his wife.
Blake was a a by-the-book career officer, steadily working his way up through the chain of command and only weeks away from being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander when the news of the Sutherland’s destruction reached Blake aboard her sister ship, the Carpathia.
Immediately taking a leave of absence from his post aboard the Carpathia and Starfleet, Robin Blake found himself on Earth having lost everything. His wife was his everything. They had been inseparable since the day they first met on their first day at Starfleet Academy and were fortunate enough to have been assigned to identical assignments throughout their careers. Talk of children and growing old together was a familiar topic prior to Blake being re-assigned from the Sutherland to the Carpathia just days before the loss of his wife.
He’d not only lost his wife but many close friends -now he was down and out, often found in the gin bars of San Francisco of an evening drowning his sorrows.
Calls from Starfleet asking Blake to return to service were ignored. He was broken, a shadow of his former self.

One particular dark and foggy San Francisco evening, Eli made his way to one of Blake’s haunts. As the Golden Gate Bridge’s fog klaxons sounded out over the bay, Eli found Robin slumped in a bar, a drink in hand and his mind a thousand light years away.
It took several moments for Blake to respond to Eli asking if he could join him. Of course, Blake knew of Eli, he had seen him at the memorial service and remembered the words he spoke regarding the death of his daughter and grandchild.
Placing a PADD in front of the drunken lieutenant’s glass, Eli told Robin that he had learnt of who was responsible for the death of his daughter and grandchild as well as Robin’s wife, Alyssa.
Pushing the PADD away, Robin expresses that he knows who is responsible for the loss of his wife -that he’ll never be able to look at a Cardassian in the same way ever again.
Eli paused for a moment, telling Robin to look over the information contained in the PADD.
“You’re really starting to bother me.” -Robin replied, shrugging off the admiral, “Go bother someone else with your sad stories.” -it was clear that he’d had more than a few drinks. Blake was not at all receptive to what the admiral had to say.
Getting up, the admiral took the drink from Blake’s hand -which understandably did not go down well.
“Hey!” -Robin attempted to get to his feet however, he was too drunk to stand and rather than facing off against the admiral, the lieutenant fell backwards, crashing to the floor and knocking over the table behind him.
“They were right about you...” -the admiral spoke. “You’re a disgrace to the uniform that you once wore.”
Whether it was a case of the admiral showing Blake a dose of ‘tough love’ or just a cheap shot, he turned on his heel and walked out of the bar. Reaching the door, the admiral took a last look of Blake, who was still attempting to clamber to his feet and tossed him the PADD.
“When you wake up in the morning, read the damned thing.” -with that, he made his way back into the fog and into the night, hoping that Blake would call...

Waking up in a beer stained apartment in the centre of San Francisco, Robin Blake found himself suffering from ‘the mother’ of all hangovers. He’d had more than, one too many drinks last night and the hangover almost dulled the pain of his loss. Wishing he’d stuck to synthehol rather than alcohol, Ryan stumbled out of bed and into his kitchen searching for a clean glass to fill with iced water...or anything to quench his raging thirst.
As he scoured the kitchen counter, he came across the PADD that Admiral Eli had given him the night before -understandably, he had forgotten receiving it as well as forgetting about meeting the admiral.
As he picked up the PADD, he filled the glass with cold water and as he started to take his first sip, he began reading the data contained inside.
Within a few seconds, Robin had drunk the water and had become engrossed in what he was reading.
Moving back to the bedroom, Robin, wearing only his underwear sat on the edge of the bed and read the the findings, reports and data concerning the destruction of the Sutherland and what had ultimately caused the death of his wife.
Dropping the PADD, Robin sat for a moment with his head in his hands and immediately found himself back to where he was three months ago after hearing the news of his wife’s untimely death. As the rage, the guilt and the anger washed over him anew, Robin in that instant, decided that he’d had enough, that he was sick to death of feeling like this, that it was time to make someone pay for what they had done to him...done to her.

Robin moved around his apartment -a bag in hand and began to clear out all of the empty bottles of gin and tidied his apartment. With loud 21st Century rock music playing, he threw out the trash and tried to tame his emotions and anguish. He threw his sheets into the replicator, his dirty clothes and recycled them before taking to the sonic shower to cleanse himself of his hangover.
After showering and shaving, Robin made his way back to the replicator, keyed in his security clearance and replicated a Starfleet uniform. As the freshly pressed uniform materialised, Robin opened his nightstand and as he took a few moments to stare at the picture of his wife, he pulled out a small perfectly crafted oak box and removed the two rank pips inside.
As he pulled on his uniform and affixed the lieutenant pips to his collar, Robin looked around for his combadge...which happened to be next to a small holo-image on his dresser.
The holo-image was a picture of a neonatal scan -a picture of his and his wife’s unborn three month old child. As his eyes watered somewhat, Robin picked up his combadge and attached it to his uniform.
Taking a second to look himself up and down in the mirror, he found himself ready...ready to meet the admiral...ready for anything...

To be continued...

Starring Luke Macfarlane as Robin Blake
& Pierce Brosnan as Admiral Eli

Images by NASA
Photo manipulation by jonbromle1
ST: Chimera - Christmas and Chimera Parts I and II
Star Trek: Chimera - “Christmas and Chimera”
A Two Part Christmas Special

“If there was one thing I could get for you this Christmas, what would it be?”
“To see my father again...”

Captain Darren Tel goes on a perilous mission to reunite Jason Bush with his late father Gabriel. Knowing that he would have to disobey the Temporal and Prime Directives, Darren attempts to give his husband the ultimate gift, the gift of seeing his father one last time...

“Even if it was just for an instant, a second, to hear his voice again, to know he’s in a better place, I’d...I’d do anything for that...”

Starbase Chimera:
•Commanding Officer - Captain Darren Tel
•First Officer - LT. Commander Claire Herge
•Chief Science Officer - Commander Mendon
•Strategic Operations Officer - LT. Will Rivers
•Security Chief - Commander Garred
•Chief Engineer - Lieutenant Marik
•Doctor - LT. Commander Natasha Taggert
•Counselor - Commander Moria Landes
•Former Chief of Ops - Civilian Jason Bush
•Astrometrics Officer - Ensign Michael Starling
•Lt. Commander Christopher Rogers

USS Havoc
•Captain Fredrick “Freddie” McNair
•First Officer - LT. Commander Aaron Brookes
•Doctor - Lieutenant JG. Alex D’angelo
•Tactical Officer - Commander Erik Cook
•Helmsman - Lieutenant Craig Day

Daniel Radcliffe as Commander Darren Tel
Kara Tointon as LT.Commander Claire Herge
John Putch as Commander Mendon
Cameron Monaghan as Will Rivers
Taylor Lautner as Commander Garred
Jacob Hankin as Lieutenant Marik
Alex Valley as Doctor as Alex D’angelo
Danielle Brooks as Doctor Natasha Taggert
Dana Delany as Counselor Moria Landes
Dane Dehaan as Jason Bush
Luke Pasqualino as Freddie McNair
Armie Hammer as Aaron Brookes
Henry Cavill as Commander Erik Cook
Nicholas Hoult as Lieutenant Craig Day
Dustin McNeer as Lt. Commander Chris Rogers
Chris Colfer as Ensign Michael Starling
ST:Academy: 4.1: Force to be Reckoned With
The Academy: Red Squad
The Fourth Anthology, Part I - Episode One:
“Force To Be Reckoned With”

In the late 24th Century the Starfleet Academy created ‘Red Squad,’ -they were an elite were an elite group of cadets. Members of the squad received special classes and were granted special advanced fieldwork training. In 2418, Admiral Jessica Daniels received approval from Starfleet Command and the New Federation Council to increase the intake into Red Squad and establish an off world base of operations for Starfleet Academy cadets away from Earth. The idea was simple, to allow cadets to get a real flavour of life on the edge of final frontier. Tasking cadets with more duties that would eventually allow them to become better Starfleet officers, a group of Starfleet Engineers went on ahead to Rigel IV, home of Starbase 134 and establish the Red Squad training facility.

Admiral Daniels oversaw the project to convert an abandoned facility on one of the unpopulated regions of the planet -far enough away from Starbase Chimera to not interfere with the day to day operations of the base.
Daniels worked closely with the late Admiral Morgan Bateson in establishing the Red Squad base prior to his death. His assistance was greatly received and the facility was later named, The Bateson Academy in his honour.
The crew of Starbase Chimera attended the opening of the facility -in fact, Captain Darren Tel, The now commander of Starbase 134 was proud to open the facility and gave a speech about how proud Bateson would have been to see the facility based here on Rigel IV...

It’s been seven months since the facility was opened and Admiral Jessica Daniels has prepared a rigorous curriculum for the cadets who are due in just two days time. She and her staff, consisting of two former Starfleet captains, a college professor, a science team and engineering lecturer have held multiple conferences with Starfleet Academy back on Earth to approve the curriculum designed to put their class of over forty, third and fourth year cadets through their paces and learn what life is really like at the edge of the Federation...

Admiral Daniels’ fears that her plans may go awry when Starbase Chimera reports that a class nine ion-storm is inbound.
As Captain Tel and the crew of Starbase prepare to batten down the hatches and ride the storm out -something that they have had to do before, Daniels joins Tel and his officers in Chimera’s command centre to keep a watchful eye on the inbound cadet’s vessel -the USS Iberia.

The inbound ion storm couldn’t have come at a worse time. Currently, the Rigellian Government and the New Federation are currently in talks in deciding the fate of Rigel IV. The planet, the last of the fourteen planets in the system to have not been colonised by the Rigellians and due to overcrowding on the neighbouring worlds, the Rigellians wish to take back their sovereignty and their presence on Rigel the point where they wish for the starbase to be removed and all New Federation facilities to be decommissioned or abandoned, leaving the world free for colonisation by the Rigellians.
Where once the Commander of Starbase Chimera’s voice and Starfleet’s word taken for granted, their influence strong strong within the Rigel Sector, it has now fallen flat and the New Federation’s influences considered a bone of contention and their actions constantly questioned: -With that in mind, as Darren Tel and his crew set about warning the Rigellians about the ion storm, recommending grounding all ship’s in the system, The Rigellian Government push back and decide to ignore Starfleet’s warnings.
Understandably frustrated, Captain Tel is the first to express that he’s sure that after all this is over and a wave of devastation has swept through the system, the Rigellians will be the first to call on Starfleet for help...

On the edge of the Rigel-System the USS Iberia slows to impulse after a long voyage from Earth and prepares to make its final push onward towards its final destination of Rigel IV.
As the small Aerie-Class starship makes its way through the Rigel-System’s dense Kuiper-Belt region; Commander David Frost -the ship’s commanding officer and Lieutenant Salim Haumea -Frost’s first officer receive an incoming message from Chimera, notifying them of the inbound ion-storm.
Moments later, the Iberia’s impulse and warp systems fail.
Frost attempts to signal Chimera however the communications array has also gone down.
It doesn’t take much longer for Frost and Haumea to realise that the leading edge of the ion storm will reach them in less than twenty five minutes.
As Frost launches the Iberia’s disaster beacon, Haumea heads inside the main cabin to warn all those onboard.
Several of the Iberia’s flight crew begin preparing the lifeboats in the event that the shields won’t hold.

Cadet Conor Samuels -a ‘Grade-A’ student and resident know it all makes no bones about telling the flight crew that if they were forced to evacuate the ship and take refuge in a lifeboat, that they simply wouldn’t survive a class nine ion storm -he tells them that the wave would crush the lifeboats like a tin can.
Offering his help, Conor asks for permission to go onto the bridge and assist Commander Frost and Lieutenant Haumea however the Iberia’s flight officers tell the young cadet to remain seated, that they have got everything in hand.

If being stuck in a Kuiper-Belt wasn’t bad enough, being stranded in one in the middle of an ion storm, a region filled with asteroids, debris and ice comets is the last place anyone would want to be -Conor knows this, as do many of the other cadets.
Conor turns to Denver Beaulieu, another young cadet who has sat patiently next to Samuels the entire journey and barely said a word the whole trip. He tells Denver that they have to do something, remarking that the flight crew seem to have some sort of death wish, that he cannot believe that they aren’t prepared to let him help.
Nervous and not wanting to cause a scene, Denver tells Conor that they should do as the flight crew say, that they should follow orders.
“Even if this means we’ll all be killed?” -Conor replies.
Andrew Vjoid, sat behind them overhears Samuels and after quickly introducing himself, offers to assist.
“Come on!” -Vjoid calls, he gets up from out of his seat and makes his way to the front of the ship, towards the bridge.
As Conor rushes to join Andrew, the ship begins to shake heavily -the ion storm’s leading edge has reached the Kuiper-Belt and has begun displacing the cometary debris.

With the Iberia’s shields offline, the small vessel -a converted planetary survey ship takes a battering. Several EPS conduits explode taking out the aft section of the passenger deck. Billy Scott, a Starfleet Medical Cadet rushes to assist the injured, grabbing Beaulieu in the process and proceeds aft to help those in need.

Four of the Iberia’s six flight crew have been killed whilst another has been critically injured. Billy attempts to stabilise the critically injured flight officer whilst Denver puts out a fire.
As Denver attempts to get the fire suppression system back online, he hears a banging coming from an aft compartment -whoever’s trying to attract someone’s attention cries out for help.
Prioritising getting the fire suppression system online over assisting whoever is trapped behind the bulkhead, Denver calls out to whoever is banging on the other side of the bulkhead to hold on, that he’s coming.
Moments later and after another jolt from a large cometary fragment, Denver manages to initiate the fire suppression system and put out the fire from the damaged EPS conduits.
As the fire goes out, Billy reports that he’s managed to stabilise the flight officer’s life signs and begins to move him to somewhere safer.
Denver pulls out a tricorder from underneath one of the Iberia’s burnt out computer terminals and begins to locate whoever is trapped behind the bulkhead...

...On the other side of the wall, Sophie Amitai pounds as hard as she can to draw attention to herself. She and the sixth member of the Iberia’s flight crew are trapped in a small crawl space linking the passenger compartment to one of the escape pods.
Sophie’s leg is trapped whilst the flight officer’s back is broken. The pair are understandably in pain and are both struggling to remain conscious. From the other side of the bulkhead, Sophie can hear Denver call out, telling her to hold on, that help is on the way, Sophie projects a sense of momentary relief as the young cadet attempts to cut through the bulkhead and rescue her...

With only seconds to impact, Conor and Andrew arrive on the bridge. When they arrive, they find Frost and Haumea dead -the commander having being impaled by a fallen beam and the lieutenant lying dead in front of an exploded computer terminal. Sprinting into action, Conor immediately takes the helm. Firing the thrusters, the cadet gets the ship moving despite being fully aware that the thrusters alone will provide insufficient speed to out manoeuvre the approaching ion storm.
Andrew quickly activates another console and signals the engine room however, there is no response.
As Andrew continues to work on a way to get the engines back online, the computer sounds an alert -the ion storm will reach them in less than thirty seconds.

Meanwhile back in the passenger cabin, the frightened cadets huddle in fear of their impending fate. Denver, ignoring Billy’s warnings that it’s too late, continues to get Sophie free from behind the bulkhead. He calls out to her, telling her that he’s coming for her, that everything will be ok, he attempts to rip open the damaged bulkhead with his bare hands.

Back on the bridge, the computer sounds another warning, the ion storm is now less than ten seconds away from impact.
Fearing what is about to become of him, Conor moves to the command chair at the centre of the bridge. He places a hand on the late Commander Frost’s impaled body and apologises for not being able to save him, for not being able to save them all.

But as Conor Samuels makes peace with what is about to come, the Iberia shakes heavily. This is it, the ion storm has hit...or has it?

A hue of white and blue light surrounds the stricken vessel -it’s a tractor beam! Swooping out of the unknown and through the Kuiper-Belt, the USS Bozeman swings underneath the Iberia and drags her to safety...

...Admiral Jessica Daniels stands at the centre of the Bozeman’s bridge, anxiously awaiting news that Lieutenant Commander Marik has successfully caught the Iberia with the Bozeman’s tractor beam.
She impatiently waits until he gives the all clear, he’s got them, they’re safe and he’s secured the tractor beam for a warp-tow -with that, the two vessels blast out of the way of the incoming ion storm and inward into the Rigel-System, towards Chimera and towards safety.
Jessica orders Marik to hail the Iberia. He complies and in an instant, the Bozeman’s viewscreen alters to display Cadet Conor Samuels and Andrew Vjoid on the bridge of the damaged Iberia. She smiles somewhat, letting out a sigh of relief, the admiral tells the cadets that they’re going to be ok, to cease any further attempts at stabilising the Iberia, to remain in the warp-tow until their arrival at Rigel IV and to prepare for disembarkation.
Conor reports that they have a lot of casualties and injured aboard, that he recommends that they are all beamed directly to the infirmary at Starbase 134.
Daniels agrees and as she closes the com-link, the admiral welcomes them to the Rigel Sector before proclaiming that she hopes that the coming few weeks and months are a little less frantic...

Cadet Conor Samuels - Command
Cadet Denver Beaulieu - Command
Cadet Billy Scott - Medical
Cadet Andrew Vjoid - Sciences
Cadet Alegzandre Criss - Tactical
Cadet Sophie Amitai - Command

Admiralty & Officers
Admiral Jessica Daniels
Lieutenant M’Genn - Admiral’s Daniels attaché
Ensign Mario Stannah - SB’ Chimera Liaison
Lieutenant Sojen - Tactical Instructor


Main Cast:
Molly Parker as Admiral Jessica Daniels
Jodie Meloni as M’Genn
Sam Vartholomeos as Conor Samuels
Timothée Chalamet as Denver Beaulieu
Dacre Montgomery as Billy Scott
Casey Cott as Andrew Vjoid
Oleksandr Kalinovskyi as Alegzandre Criss
Gaia Weiss as Sophie Amitai
Christopher Egan as Mario Stannah
Luke Allen-Gale as Sojen

Episode One: “Force To Be Reckoned With,” Guest Stars:
Daniel Radcliffe as Captain Darren Tel
George Blagden as Commander Frost
Jacob Hakin as Lieutenant Commander Marik
Jack O’Connell as Lieutenant Haumea

Image Credits:
Background by Starkiteckt Designs
USS Raven as the USS Iberia taken from the Star Trek: Starships Collection Magazine cover.
Photomanipulations, Words, Uniforms and image by jonbromle1


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