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By Jonboy007007
Hey guys just wanted to make a quick post and let all of you know that i just relaunched my site, www.jonboymeyers.com

New Art, New Webstore and a lot of other goodies, please swing by and check them out :)
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New stuffs lookin Super sick sir!!
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i'm on it like white on Dustin's rice...
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Bio, is well done Jonboy. Should inspire many. ;-D
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Looks good on my Android phone :) Love the background image choice.
Great. I'll browse it immediately.
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Especially the bio bro!  Got a little misty-eyed reading it.  I remember those lines we stood in together just waiting to get RIPPED HAHA! There was NEVER ANY doubt in my mind that you'd break thru in MAJOR way.
I'm just glad to be a witness to your journey old friend.  I can definitely say, "Hey, I was there!  My brother paid his dues!  That's why he ROCKS!"
Love ya Bro!

Oh yeah bookmarked it!  Will be linking to it as we relaunch ours soon as well.
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Thanks bro!!! How you been man?
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You know me dude...Always blessed!
No complaints.
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Hey, what did you use to build your site?
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On my ipad, the opening page, the text keeps blinking and the pictures only half load before they scroll onwards. Everytime the picture scrolls the main text blocks below will blink and refresh.
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Hmmm well crap-- it's pretty image intensive...it maybe taking too long to load onto the page...I'll have to check it out thanks Sean :)
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