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By Jonboy007007
Hey Guys, if you're in the area, i'll be in Atlanta this weekend for this years DragonCon show.

It'll be my very first Dragon Con! Very stoked!!!!

I'll be in Artist Alley sandwhiched between my superfriends Dustin Nguyen and Sunny Lee.

All three of us wil be selling art, books and prints :)

See you there!
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Just remember son, what happens at Dragoncon stays at Dragoncon >:D

Wish I could be there :(
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im for atl im in the area idk if i can attend lol but i have plans too
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So great to hear that! Cant wait to see in person the artist Ive been following here for so long.
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Have fun man; haven't done that show in years, but it was fun when I did!
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Got the scanner face all packed! So can't wait to meet you.
I'll also be at your panels with Cheeks... sooo stoked!
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Oh cool, though I don't think I'm doing a panel with Cheeks....
Sean-Loco-ODonnell's avatar
? Weird : They have you, Cheeks, and Jeanty doing a thing called "Working with a License" Sunday 5:30pm in the Hanover Room in the Hyt.

Its in the PDF Pocket Program in the Comics and Pop Art Track...

So, surprise maybe? Laughs...
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LOL yeah totally I thought I had a panel of Friday @ 7pm....but hey news to me :) You are more in the loop than I am LOL
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Con Surprises... the best kind! Get ready for awesomeness!
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