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Havok X-Men redub

By Jonboy007007
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Some Redesign stuff of a cool X-man who has had some crappy costumes over the years....
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Bout time!  Havok doesn't get the love he deserves!
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Here's my take on coloring your design. I didn't know what color palette you had in mind so I hope the one I used is alright. Thank you for allowing me to color this.…
XMutant's avatar
WOW!!! I haven't been visually enticed Havok since he was last drawn by Tom Raney in Mutant X or since the 90s when he was leading X-Factor.
I can easily say you should Be drawing the Uncanny Avengers.
BrokenNoah's avatar
Nice threads. Definitely an upgrade to what Havok is wearing right now. I can't believe after all these years and Marvel can't dress the man good.
nam3l3ss's avatar
Nicely done, Sir!
from a distance..or as a thumb...I thought it was CLEM blessing us from the beyond!
i do luv the military take you given translate between both worlds.
TheIronShoes's avatar
You're pretty good at this.
AZTECH2009's avatar
Loving the detail in the costume. The pose, facial expression, and the circles eminating from the character gives it a strong sense of power.
jo-ink's avatar
Awesome! Definitely one of my fav x-men
JCecalaIV's avatar
I always thought he was one of the most underrated x-men
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Badass work, man! It's a good synthesis of all his looks and keeps what worked and loses what doesn't. :) Very well done!
ninjason57's avatar
nice facial expression!
sunny615's avatar
whaaaat?  His all black costume with them big white dongles on his head were bad asssss!! :)
JimSandersIII's avatar
amen-with a lot of classic costumes the only thing that makes them weak is the artist drawing it
dForrest's avatar
If spandex titles would do this kind of redesign... I might read them again.

Seriously guys, it's 2014, can we please move away from the Victorian strong-man inspired tights and external undies?
Propitiated4's avatar
dang thats an awesome looking havok, well done man
MarcDeering's avatar
These're all great, man.  :)
hanzozuken's avatar
I friggin love Havok and was thinking of doing the same thing myself....
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