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Catwoman flat colors

By Jonboy007007
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lice the colors, pose and boots
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Very nice work!
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I faved this a long time ago, but I never commented.

Thank you for giving her smarts.

Armor, one person said "Why would she wear armor and how could she afford it? she ain't bruce."

A: She has connections.
B: My friend who works at Barnes and Noble can get Kevlar for his Cosplay.
C: She is a thief.

Getting stuff isn't the issue and you show here that she can keep it light weight and effective.

Thank you for the Smart CatWoman. :love:
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damn, love those boots O:
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Very VERY nice :D Dude, I wish you were working more at the comics themselves, Jonboy, 'cause you got some serious talent. :) You could easily work well on MAIN stories for the big guys, like those pencils you did for some backup stories of Justice League of America under Dwayne McDuffie. :)
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Love the design of the outfit! Appealing, yet practical. :)
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Great outfit for Selina.  Also, I like how you made the goggles fit with the outfit.
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Great design man!!
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Damn dude really nice.
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Her eyes do the talking... So pure!
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Nice work on her costume
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I really think this is fantastic. The whip being used to describe the ground floor without having to draw anything else it really smart. The pose and energy is great and the over all page design. Great work.
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Yay for colors! :D
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Nicely done! :D 

You might try a bit less saturation on the background so it doesn't compete with the foreground colors so much. With such a strong background color, the eye keeps getting drawn to that, instead of saying focused on the character. 

Just my two cents, but feel free to ignore me, since I'm still a learning colorist and not that great at it yet. :) 
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