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Heavy Metal Satan Fingers



The new and improved version of my Field Guide to Heavy Metal Satan Fingers. Done so I can submit it as a print... ROCK ON!!!! WAAAAaaaAAAAaaaAAA! *deedly deedly dee!* (shredding guitar solo!) \m/!!!!!!!

NOTE: No matter how much the "inverse Satan" looks like Dane Cook's "Super Finger," I came up with it independently, not seeing the SuFi until well after the fact.

And, I'd like to point out that the Mr. Cook's "Super Finger" logo is inaccurate, since the thumb should be folded over the other fingers, not sticking out to the side. That's poor graphic design, that is!

Also, yes, I know it's also called the Devil Horns, Hook'em Horns, the Malocchio (from Dio's grandmother, who used it to ward off the evil eye). "Heavy Metal Satan Figures" just sounds funnier.
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