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Jon B Barry
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United States
In late 2009, I essentially made the decision to discontinue shooting artistic nudes for sales as content for websites catering to this time of photo genre. The work had become miserable and unrewarding with problems such as: no shows; bad work ethic; no physical resemblance to their portfolio; completely unreliable; extremely poor communication skills; theft of wardrobe and more; implants; and tattoos. It had become extremely difficult to make a living doing what I was doing.

I was not sure of my future, was struggling to figure it out, and the only women I was photographing were ones who stalked me, and wanted to work with me, no matter what. Those were fun. One such model wanted to travel with me and write books, so she said, but in the end, that produced the same result, a bad business model.

The idea of traveling and writing with someone grew. In late 2010, I met Shelby and spent six weeks with her and, subsequently, produced a book of our adventure. That book has done very well, and is available through booksellers everywhere.

My idea evolved into finding a photo worthy female, and then, together, travel and each write our own versions to produce an “he-said, she-said” book. Because those females who fit my requirements, being able to extensively travel, no extra baggage such as children, pets, and job, this required that my partner be of an age between 20-30, and most probably closer to the lower end of that age range. This meant our project would also be an “age gap” book.

Follow the journey that one photographer and one model made as they traveled through Panama.

To find out more about Jon and Kathleen, head on over to this website to purchase a must read book:

Already read about the journey between Jon and Kathleen? Check out other must-read books detail the life and changes that Jon has made over the years.…

I am an extremely open person and welcome anyone to find me and my books on Facebook. They are updated frequently with new and exciting information.……


Hello and welcome! This is a week one check in. I would like to personally thank anyone that has taken the time to view my images. The images that I am post are, of course as many of you know, from my recent hit "Six Weeks with Shelby". What I am hoping from you, my watchers and those of you that just happen upon the page, is what would you like to see more of? What would you all believe to be the best course of action to get my name out into the world so more people could read about the trip Shelby and I took over those six weeks?

Have any of you read the boom yet or began in? What do you think. I am, of course, a tad bit biased on how much I like it of course, but I know others do as well.

I would also like to say that in the coming week or so I will also begin promotions for my other book, "Sour Grapes", that tell of a difficult period of transition as I had to change my life from photographer to writer due to the changing business life in the photography world. Some people are calling that book my best yet, but I will leave that judgement up to you: the readers. With the promotion of this new book you can be sure to see a bunch new images coming your way that will supplement the great story that is in "Sour Grapes".

Don't be a stranger. I enjoy hearing from you all on your thoughts of myself and my work.

-Jon B BarryStare by jonbbarry


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Gorgogorgo Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy Birthday Sir!
Edwardv17 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Wish you would post more images :)
djl1958 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2016
Happy Birthday!!!!!  

I hope that today and the whole year to come bring you much happiness and success and contentment and fulfillment and good health (and copious remuneration for the fruits of your artistic talents and labors, too, since this is your livelihood as well as your life).

Take good care of yourself; keep up the great work in all of your artistic endeavors; take the time to enjoy your special "once-a-year day" to the fullest;

and thank you very, very much for sharing the fruits of your considerable artistic talents and skills and labors and professionalism (and also the considerable artistic talents and skills and labors and professionalism of the beautiful, hard-working ladies who pose for your photographs) with all of us on DeviantArt!!!!!!   You do an outstanding job in a number of genres; long may you prosper!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!! Airborne 
Gorgogorgo Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy Birthday!
phydeau Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy birthday! :cake: :party: :boogie:
Neptune83 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
Hi Jon, great work.  I want to buy those of your books that are in paper format (not kindle) and are for sale on Amazon.  Can you list me those titles? 

Thank you
jonbbarry Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Professional Photographer
Sadly, none of my books right now are available for print. Because there are so many pictures included in each book as well as gallery links...the print costs would be too high. Sorry about that. 
Neptune83 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Ok.  If you print up a paper version of any book, I know I will be buying it.  I hope you consider it.  Thank you and good luck.
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