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</b>Attention fellow writers!

Have you ever felt that literature is neglected on deviantART? That the thumbnails and :+fav:ing methods and so many other things are tailored for visual art? Have you felt like you don't belong on dA as a literary artist?

Well that's where we come in.


theWrittenRevolution is a group focused on literature, to give all writers a chance to develop and promote their work, whether it be prose, poem, song lyrics and any other form of writing. Our members are caring and supportive, as well as dedicated and talented writers. Anyone is welcome: if you love writing, or maybe just reading, you can be a part of the writing phenomenon that will rock the deviantART world.

We are the fastest growing group of writers here on dA and you can bet that we won't fizzle out after a month because the admins have lost interest, or because of inactivity from our members. Want proof? After only one week of existence, we've had over 2100 page views. Almost 300 members have joined us, and our gallery features almost 50 pieces of literature — their work! We ask you to pick up your pen and rip apart your paper with creativity and inspiration because this is uprising of language, and we want you!

Starting to become interested?

We will give you a means of getting specific, constant feedback from our many members. If you're feeling your literature needs more recognition, look no further!
If you're in need of additional feedback or opinions on it, theWrittenRevolution is your group. We will stand together, as a group should, to grow and improve together!

We can all become the flames that will set deviantART on fire. This group is the kindling.
And words, your words too, are the spark!

Through the sharing of ideas and talent, we will set deviantART on fire with inspiration and power. This group will not hold back — a written revolution is underway.

Not convinced yet? Here are a couple of our members:

"We are the embers of creativity." Somewhat pretentious, aren't we? was my first thought, when reading these words on the group's profile. Some hours passed, and I received in my inbox six deviations from the group and the more I read, the more I understood it wasn't just a made-up, cool-looking part of a motto. We are here to read about the fires these embers arose in you, we are here to help you kindle it and perfection your skills, we are growing rapidly and together. Literature deserves all the spotlight we can give it and you all, too, can help being a part of its uprising.
A Revolution is a tide, ride it with us!

when i joined, i didn't expect to be involved much, i thought it was gonna be one more thing that just sat on my page and died, but no matter how busy i've been, i've still found time somehow. it's amazing. i've only been a member for a few days, but i think it's helped me already.
that sounded weird. deal with it.
i feel like i'm in an AA meeting now.
"hello, my name is stuff, and i ramble."
the end.

We've got a revolution,
In the palm of our hands,
And nobody but us knows,
Just what we have planned
We'd share our little secret,
But you wouldn't understand,
We'll raise an insurrection,
Just because we can!


We've got a revolution,
It's locked inside our minds,
We know that you won't look,
You're afraid of what you might find
We're gonna set it off,
Just like dynamite
We'll raise an insurrection,
We are prepared to fight!


Let's start a revolution,
Let's watch the world burn
If we set it all on fire,
Then maybe we will learn
It comes once in a lifetime,
And now it's our turn
Let's start a revolution,
Let's watch the world burn!

written by TheseKrimzonFlames

Spark a revolution by jonathoncomfortreed

We, writers, are the embers of creativity. The burning determination and spark of inspiration. The explosion of power.
The starters for a combustion that will affect this community.
And this, our revolution starts here, with you.

Join us, and join the start of the biggest group of dedicated and inspired writers.
We have the potential, we have the deviation to change the world.

Have you?

from theWrittenRevolution Administrators:
jonathoncomfortreed, cherrichan13, IndigoSkyes
TheMaidenInBlack, TheseKrimzonFlames, julietcaesar, and bluesman
© 2009 - 2021 jonathoncomfortreed
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Jayfeathergamer101's avatar
I am joining.
I feel like literature never gets enough love.
shadowsand's avatar
I'm excited to be part of this! I was sure the writing rev was dying, but this is definitely going to fire it up just as it has in me!
SaiaraAuthorGirl's avatar
This is AWESOME! I really can't wait for my skills as a writer to grow with everyone's feedback on my work. ^^

- Kai
jonathoncomfortreed's avatar
:highfive: Great, glad to hear it!
art-acheiver-4eva's avatar
amazing! I'm so glad I joined!
Immuniselectrun's avatar
I will wait to see.
MetalMagpie's avatar
Viva la revolution! :w00t:
Sorelliena's avatar
The new icon is fantastic :D Very eye catching.
jonathoncomfortreed's avatar
:glomp: Thanks a lot.
All credit goes to =ralzaider!
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Check out our hot new icon! :iconthewrittenrevolution: – created by ~ralzaider.
galabrotix's avatar
This group has a brilliant air about it and I'm certain success is impendending. I look forward to meeting all the people here and sharing my work and viewing others.
jonathoncomfortreed's avatar
:glomp: Thanks for joining us!
Imorb's avatar
This group really is amazing! ^_^ I've only been a member for a day and have got more feedback from people then I usually do in months! Awesomest club EVER! :D
jonathoncomfortreed's avatar
tassadar102's avatar
Awesomeness ^_^ That's all that can be said to express this pure euphoric awesomeness known as the written revolution :}
jonathoncomfortreed's avatar
tassadar102's avatar
your welcome ^_^
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