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I'm participating in Project 52, a challenge for photographers to create on picture per week, in adherence to a specific theme. It's pretty straightforward. To be honest, I've made the commitment more to myself than to deviantART – that I will take some time for myself to be artistic in the midst of academia in grade 12/university, and that I will not allow the time restriction of one week to diminish the artistic quality of my photography. But yes, it is an official deviantART challenge going on. You can read more about it here.

So what's my theme? It took me a long time to pick a theme; I had many, many ideas. But I've decided to take on the task of artistically interpreting songs by Manchester Orchestra. I haven't managed to do a full count but they have almost 52 songs, with breathtaking lyrics and an unforgettable musical style. A lot of their songs are about human interaction, whereas others are abstract and could more easily be portrayed with a still life shot. This will ensure that I get plenty of new experience with all sorts of different styles of photography.

Their lyrics are obscure enough that it will be almost impossible for me to simply focus on a concrete lyric and turn it into a picture. I will have to be pretty imaginative to channel their music into photography, but I think I can do it.

I can do it.


The other thing I'm going to do is 'digital darkroom' which mainly entails dodging and burning, and editing the colours and saturation of my photos. It sounds like I'm altering them way too much but I'm not changing them that much. Besides, this will give me a deeper understanding of Photoshop. It's all about learning, right?

My Project 52 submissions so far:
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