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jw BT Cabin

Just a bit of art for a Call of Cthulhu podcast/fanzine
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Harsh, but well-done. Good to see you still here.

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Thanks! On this one it was a commission, so harsh they want, harsh they get :)

Still here, yes, thanks! Have been doing more design work than illustration to keep money coming in during this isolation, so no time for fun I'm afraid. The only illustration I've been doing is under a NDA, which is dull too. Out of that now, so will be more visible...

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Well, that sounds good. It seems that before now you had a few complaints about nobody seeing your work. An NDA is only worth the money you're paid, I think. When you say 'more visible' do you mean your own ideas will be done? If so, that's great, at least for a while. :D