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doctor destiny, origins p22

page 22. i'm quite pleased with the last couple.

coments & criticism always welcome

- slightly altered. swapped around panels two and three to make it read better
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well, the idea was that he was shot back to where he started from. my bad drawing if that didn't come off, sorry
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Cool as always. The only thing that bugs me is that it seems that Red is in the same position as he was in page 21 after he was shot off?
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Looking good. Is this a different story to the one you have at the beginning of your gallery or a subthread?
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thanks! this is different;

the doctor destiny strip is an extended origins story based on the character i'll be re-making for the champions online mmo, but mostly it's an extended experiment, seeing if this style can be adapted to a strip form (still undecided)

the 'adrift' strip earlier was based on a set city of heroes roleplay sessions, but i lost interest in it, so abandoned it
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I see.

Can't see any reason why it shouldn't be able to go into a strip.