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Women of Timely Col start

Women of Timely


This is the start of my painting for my Women of Timely pic.

The idea was really a cross between DC's Birds of Prey, Marvel's upcoming Avengers film and good old-fashioned film-noir.

I was planning to go for a four-colour feel, but have changed my mind. If it doesn't work, I'll re-do it - opinions are very welcome!

Pencils are here: Inks are here:

Veronica Lake as The Blonde Phantom
Jean Harlow as Sun Girl
Rita Hayworth as Venus
Gene Tierney as Miss America

Inks all done in Illustrator, paints are Photoshop and dodgy watercolour washes.

Small sized version uploaded at this stage.

All these characters are probably still ©Marvel Comics, and are used here in a not-for-profit way as an affectionate tribute.
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Looking better at each stage.
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Cheers! At the moment, I like the pencils best, but I hope the paints work well eventually :)