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Women of Timely

Women of Timely


This was just an idea I had that wouldn't go away. It was born when I was thinking of a couple of things - the upcoming Avengers film, and the lack of major female characters currently being used well.

Back at the birth of superheroes, Marvel (then Timely), had a whole bunch of female characters who had their own titles, and these are four of them. What if an Avengers-style film was made of them?

Veronica Lake as The Blonde Phantom
Jean Harlow as Sun Girl
Rita Hayworth as Venus
Gene Tierney as Miss America

Just a bit of fun really. I'd like to finish it up as a film-poster, but as to whether I'll have the time, that's another matter!

All these characters are probably still ©Marvel Comics, and are used here in a not-for-profit way as an affectionate tribute.
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cool man, good work. very good idea... creative

this could turn out awesome- kind of like an alex ross type of thing but on a higher level- overall it has more conceptual depth to it... and the art is easily on par

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Cheers, and I think it could be good too - just a matter of both finding the time, and dredging up the ability to do it right from somewhere!
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Dammit, man... everytime I see your work I want to draw. Inspiring stuff. Wonderful idea easily managed by your talent; very much like to see a finished product.
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Thanks mate, it's very nice of you to say that! I want to finish it too, it's just a matter of free time (as always). I'm dithering between doing it in muted colour or a sort of silver duotone at the moment.
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Old school! Very nice, sir. Very nice.
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JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks Ian! In my head, it's finished and pretty, but it does bugger all good in there!
natelyon's avatar
Great concept and well done. Hope you get the chance to do more.
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!hanks, and so do I :)
LegacyHeroComics's avatar
Fantastic idea! Great casting.
Especially love the way Miss America and Blonde Phantom were done.
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Cheers!I saw those two as being earthier and more solid in the final piece, so they're more finished.
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I've always loved the classic starlets. They always seem so much classier. Nice job!
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