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The Night Raven



I don't do published characters very often, but I always loved this fella. He was published by Marvel UK an age ago, but doesn't show up at all now. Anyway, my loving tribute to The Night Raven, © Marvel Comics
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Thanks for that guys, he was always a favourite of mine too! But it was actually Steve Parkhouse who wrote the early scripts for David Lloyd to draw up, just for the record. Alan Moore came in much later, after Stan got me to drop David in favour of John Bolton drawing it (the shame, the shame!). Great visual by the way!

If anybody wants to check, I'm currently recounting his history as part of my nostalgic little website at [link]

You'll find it under "Publications" >Marvel-UK. But be warned, there's a lot of old stuff up there, 55,000 words to date and I've only reached 1979!