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Ten of Eleven

Ten of Eleven.

Partly just fiddling around with stark black and white, partly because I've loved DW since Tom Baker's days, and partly because I wanted to have a crack at drawing him, even though there are much, much better artists around here who've done a much better job :)

Pencil / Illustrator (/Wacom)

Dr Who is © BBC, used here in non-profit tribute.
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Excellent illustration. And a huge fan of the Wacom *thumbs up*
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Thanks! I usually use a mouse for my Illustrator work - leaving the Wacom for Photoshop - but this experiment seems to have worked OK :)
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Fantastic likeness!

Do you know my friend ~onegemini? He's the most recent artist on IDW's ongoing Doctor Who book.
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They're just an academic excercise really, done when I get a free non-drunken hour...

It was H & M Page 6 that made me want to do it. I found myself using black areas in a different way - then wanting to go further, but being unable to because of the need to use colour later. Then after the latest version of Seventeen Days, I found I needed to expand on the style. Trying to get a likeness was just something I needed to do too, after the bouncer. I wanted to really try and hit it right.

I know of Blair's work, but unfortunately don't know him. His work's very, very fine :)
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It's great to see you pushing into new territories, and firming up those skills. Especially when it works out this well.

Blair and I have known each other since high school-- Though my birthday outing a week ago is literally the first time I have seen him in person since then. Incredibly talented and funny guy.
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Whatever you do, don't show this to him then! Last thing I need is someone who can draw looking at it!
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ah - love lovelove - great work
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Thanks very much :)
future-time-lady's avatar
I'm so glad you're doing this series, it's so cool! :D
JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks! They're fun to do (if tricky to get right...) :)
future-time-lady's avatar
I can imagine. You're doing great!
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A fantastic likeness and an even more fantastic style, kudos!

JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks very much!

The style's quite fun to play with, but I'm not sure if it has a use beyond these editorial-portrait style pics...
otohime0394's avatar
yaaaaaaaaaaay!! :D this is so good!!
david tennant will ALWAYS be my favourite :love:

hahh... i replied to your comment before i followed the link, and once i replied it disappeared and i couldnt find a way back to your gallery T^T

i went through about 100 pages of newest deviations to find your 4th doctor picture and then get the link to this one :') finally found it

definately worth a :+fav: !!
JonathanWyke's avatar
haha! I think I tend to vanish very quickly...

Until David Tennant, I thought no Doctor would be as good as Tom Baker, but he was just better by far!
otohime0394's avatar
you do! its suprising how many deviations are submitted in such a short amount of time =)

i havent been around long enough to have seen tom baker :L but david tennant was just... the epicest epic of them all :love:

i was sad when he left :/
Starchasm's avatar
*fangirl squealing*

Tennant is equal to Baker in my heart :D I think you captured him really well. I especially like how you framed it. All of the white space at the top really makes you feel like looking up, which is appropriate :)
JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks, and I agreee about Tennant and Baker. When I get around to the next one, it'll be Tom Baker's Doctor :)
Prime-Epitome's avatar
Been busy I see? Glad to see you post some new stuff.
As far as others doing a better job, there is no one else out there who draws EXACTLY like this. It's not about "good or bad" in art in my opinion, it's all about what level you're on. Different levels; none are higher than others, but some are just appreciated by more people.
Anyways, blah blah blah. On a technical level, this is nice. Never got too familiar with Tom DW "Dr. Who?" I took a "Dr. Who personality test," and it said I was the 3rd incarnation of the good ol' Doc. Is that a bad thing?
JonathanWyke's avatar
I've been really busy, I just can't post anything here except these quick play-jobs, which are really done in down-time :)

DW is Dr Who, yes, and to be like the the 3rd incarnation is very good, so long as you don't mind being a bit of a dandy...
Prime-Epitome's avatar
I just read that dandy knows Aikido Karate...which is good enough for me lol.
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