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The colours are painted on using photoshop and some watercolour washes. The cloud is from an old photoshop brush I have. I'd love to give credit to the creator of the brush, but I lost the details long ago I'm afraid.

MangaStudio pencils / Illustrator inks / Photoshop colour / Watercolour additional washes

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One of my biggest qualms with comics today is the lack of diversity among the tier one cast of characters, and this goes for both Marvel and DC. One of my second biggest qualms is the lack of support and overall negative controversial spill out that happens when either of the big two opts to change the race, gender, or sexuality of these characters. Its good to see a fan of one of these characters step out and try something the owners of the character will not.

This is a welcomed change. Its fresh. Its exciting. And it looks like a character that truly stands out of the shadows of Billy Batson. If I saw this on a shelf, I'd pick this up. Not because he's Black, but because it looks like a character made in the 'today', and it isn't the same character being rehashed for the sake of it (much like 90% of 'The New 52').

The design of his face is really strong here. You get a good feel of what his personality may be, and what type of hero he may become under the mantle of Captain Marvel. The pose is very dynamic, but simple at the same time. There's a sense of impending danger, but he's calm and focused.

I really like how his attire isn't gaudy in the traditional DC-sense, although I would have liked to see the golds and reds carried over into other parts of the get up (perhaps the sole of his boots are red or gold).

But hands down, this is one of the best 're-imagined DC heroes I've had the pleasure of seeing, and this is also my first critique on dA.

I look forward to the next one!
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Thanks Shuggs! You're right about the colours, and it's one of the aspects here I really think I failed with. I tried to use more of the traditional Captain Marvel colours - on his jacket, the belt and his jeans, but just couldn't get it to work. It'd take someone with a better colour sense than me to get the balance right I think.
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the sky needs a lot more rendering and some more shading on him would really make everything pop out. nevertheless, i really like this picture!
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Thanks. I wanted the background to be very simple, but you're right, more work on it would have made the whole thing better.
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As much as I really do love the original Captain Marvel, every time I look at this pic I just want to know this character's story.
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Cheers. I do think this still works as a re-imagining, and certainly better as an urban re-working than just turning his cape into a hood...
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Excellent work, thought it was great in B&W but the color has added to him.
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Thanks! I wish I could have managed to get more of his traditional colours in, but found it too difficult to stop him looking like an 80s pop star when I did...
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Maybe that's just as well, as he would look too like the costume hero's of yore, and who really walks around in skintight leotards today!Really like his boots.
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exquisite, if i may say
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rockin job brother
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Cheers! I think it mostly worked, but I expect to hate it by next week :)
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Ahah I know what you mean!
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Wouldn't normally make a point out of this, but it irks me that a really awesome opportunity was missed in the color aspects of this design. As it stands right now, with the gray tones on the jacket/pants/boots/gloves, he feels--to me--more like a guy wearing a Flash T-Shirt. Granted not quite the same symbol, but I'm reflecting more old-school flash where it was just a yellow bolt over a red long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Classically "Captain Marvel" (Shazam), was always decked in full-red with minor areas of the outfit given mystical elements to harken back to the source of the heroes original power in magic. The cape is the biggest aspect there, being a very specific white cape with a folded collar tied with rope, trimmed in gold. The cape is the biggest aspect that identifies Shazam, and that's missing here.

The coat is an awesome chance to not just update that look, but still incorporate the old design. Color the coat white, trim the zipper-line, bottom, and collar in gold, and also include a gold bracer-like look to the sleeves from the wrist up the fore-arm. When standing still with an unzipped coat, the character would appear draped by the classic cape.
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I understand where you're coming from, but part of the rational for his outfit was why the hell would he wear those red pyjamas and cloak? I was interested in showing a modern, urban character as 'Marvel.

I did try the Jacket as white, belt gold and the jeans as red, but I hated the cheesy look it gave him - white leather and red jeans may have worked in an 80s music video, but I couldn't make them work here - perhaps a better artist than me could have.

The back of his jacket would have the lightening bolt too, but you could be right in it still not having enough of an iconic look.
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Oh, no, I fully get the desire to give a modern/urban look, and in the black and white I was definitely seeing it all the way down to giving him a racial adjustment. Much in the way that Marvel changed "Ultimate Spider-Man", a change like this for a character like Shazam could open a vast array of potential in story.

In terms of the color, though, I'm speaking speaking specifically about just the jacket. I think the rest would work with just a white jacket. I'd agree that red jeans would be too much, that has nothing to do with you as an artist. The immediate impact of a white leather jacket could come off a bit Michael Jackson "Thriller/Bad", but the biggest aspect of being a hero is a bit of showmanship and flair. I attempted to locate a shot of it, but there was an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man years ago that included a flash-forward on Parker as an older web-slinger who no longer donned the red and blue. The altered costume was more street-wise and "quick," simply being a jacket that he could flip inside out and a mask he'd pull on.

In regards to re-envisioning a character, also look at the "New 52" and the alterations made there. For the most part many of the changes were minimal. Giving the costumes an armor-like look and shifting a belt color or position was about the extent of many of the changes. Except for Wonder-Woman. The re-design for her included pants. That small change caused a bit of a stir, but it said "I'm running with the big boys. I wear the pants." Simply changing her from a skirt to pants/leggings completely shifted people's initial response to the character.

In the realm of your change with Shazam, think about a white jacket with the gray pants and black boots while the jacket is zipped up. His colors are simple and "street", and only in the midst of hard-combat is he likely to have his jacket undone, revealing the red and gold underneath that really gives him the chance to say "I am Shazam."

...That's my take on it anyway.
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Even better in colour. :D
I'm finding it hard to tell, though, if that zipper on the jacket is meant to run diagonally across the torso when closed or if it's just straight and only appears diagonal because it's flapping about freely. No complaints from me either way, though. :)
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Cheers! The zipper would run diagonally if closed, as that's more super-hero-y
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This came out really awesome dude, nice touch with the bit of cloud :)
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