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Amy Pond is leaving Dr Who, which is both BAD and WRONG.

EDIT: I've tried to thank everyone who's faved this piece over the past couple of days, but mid-way through, devArt decided that saying 'thanks' could be Spam... Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who liked this enough to fave it - I really appreciate it!
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One of the things I've always enjoyed about your pieces is just the sense of design. Your pieces are simplified yet brilliant with your value use. Have you ever thought of marketing these on t-shirts? I'm sure I'm not only guy who'd buy one, especially when Amelia Pond's involved, juuuuuust sayin! Cheers Jonathan!
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Thanks! I hadn't really considered it. I'd have to do a sharper version of this I guess if it was going to work on a Tee
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Excellent Piece!
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Cheers Craig! It's the red I think that makes it work - it's a nice red
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I agree! It seems we didn't get the coverage over on this side of the pond as much about there impending departure from the series. =(. Although Matt smith is growing on me, I am still a David Tennant fan.
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I'm still not keen on Matt Smith I'm afraid - I feel he's trying too hard if that makes sense. Tennant for me too.
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This is fantastic-- It works on many levels, but is so simple. Kudos.
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Every time I visit your gallery, this piece just pulls me in.
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Cheers! For a piece that took so little time, I'm still surprised at how well it worked. It's that big red area I guess.
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Amazing <3
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Thanks, and yes, it's BAD and WRONG!
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Thanks. It's a pretty simple one, but I like that about it. It was a DSC really, when I didn't recognise who the real DSC was :)
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Absolutely brilliant.
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Lovely photo!

and can you explain what you mean by leaving? She won't be there for the next season?
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Thanks and it's drawn in MangaStudio, not a photo :)

Rory and Amy are leaving during the next series - I hadn't realised this was spoiler-ish I'm afraid, it was all over the BBC and the national press here...
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:C that really is a shame, I adore Amy.
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Love the concept! Going to be sad times when we say goodbye to the Ponds...
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It'll be the END OF THE WORLD!
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She's leaving?? I can't even comprehend that... still.. lovely drawing. ^^
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