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One of Eleven

One of Eleven.

Another one of these Doctor Who pieces. I intend to do all eleven, and have a vague order in which to do them in mind, but if anyone has a preference, please feel free to shout out! The first, and the scariest Doctor. By the time I gat around to finishing these there will probably have been another regeneration!

Dr Who is © BBC, used here in non-profit tribute.
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Great job, do them in whichever order you feel like :)
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Thanks! Over half way through now :)
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Thanks for the tip off, I hadn't seen a couple of them :)
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Thanks very much! It's my 'I wish I still did woodcuts style' I think :)
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no problem :D
i did a wood cut thingy once. it wasn't actually wood, it was this weird material that we had to shave with different various pieces of equipment - and we had to carefully plan how we did so because the point was to make paint print impressions at various stages till you finished the entire piece in different colors.

realized i wasn't cut out for that, though it was fun :D
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I've only recently begun watching the exploits of The Doctor and his companions.
Such a great series, with an amazing history.
I'm hooked.
Looking forward to your portraits of The Doctor and his various visages.
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Some of the episodes are, well, rubbish. The latest high-production-values ones don't prepare you for that... I've done a few of these portraits, and they're fun to do.
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With more than 30 years worth of episodes, I guess some clunkers are to be expected.

The fact that the series is able to survive those bad periods, yet still be popular afterward, is a a testament to the concept and its popularity.

I'll have to check your galley for the other Doctor portraits.
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I saw some his episodes quite recently, and it reminded me just how sinister he was! He'd have no time for wearing a fez that's for sure!
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He was so much more aloof and enigmatic and "scary old uncle" than those that followed. I've only really seen An Unearthly Child, which I guess is to be expected, since so many of those early series are gone now. :(
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