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October Eight warmup Feral Kat

With my annual free-pics competition coming up in October, I am, as usual, trying to get in some practice at drawing superheroes.

This one is a quick attempt at Feral Kat, who was created by :iconkatfood25:. It's one of a bunch that are useful for me to practice on, as they've had a ton of versions done already, so there's plenty of source material for me to rootle through.

I hope Katie doesn't mind my playing with her character, but she's mighty fun to draw!

UPDATE; Fiddled with colour slightly, added lippy.
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This is so great! Well done :)
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Is this for Champions Online? If so, I may want to enter your "October 8" contest...I missed last year's "November 9." Bummed me out.
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Yes it is! (well, all Champions, the people at the Hero Games boards get to enter too).
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Cool! Working on my Champions entry right now as we speak. :)
Even if I win or not, I hope you enjoy the character idea I'm tossing your way. Think "Comically Cliche Hero" lol.
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Beautifully done! The only suggestion I could offer would be smooth out the shading a tad, although the anatomy is done fantastically.
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Ta. You're right about the shading of course, but I didn't want to spend more than an hour on what is just a warm-up to get my superhero-eye in :) As I go on, I'll hopefully speed up enough that I can get the shading properly done. Hopefully ;p
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I have issues with shading as well. It's a difficult skill to master. I absolutely love this piece though. I love the pose.
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