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Nine of Eleven

Nine of Eleven.

Another one of these Doctor Who pieces. I intend to do all eleven, and have a vague order in which to do them in mind, but if anyone has a preference, please feel free to shout out!

Pencil / Illustrator (/Wacom)

Dr Who is © BBC, used here in non-profit tribute.
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Thanks! I think this fella and #10 came out best (so far)
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They are both very good. You did a good job with your line choices I think; it's so easy to go too far with drawings like this and you seem to know when to quit. :)
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Spot on! Nice work :D
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You must be talented to get his absurd ears correct.
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I just did a Picasso, and drew him in profile as well as straight on, then tacked the ears from one onto the other...
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Technically, he's 9 of 13. Each Time Lord gets 13 regenerations, except for The Master who cheated. ;)
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*nerd hat on*

I think there's been some revisionist waffle about this, and the number of lives may have changed...

Anyhoo, he's Nine of the Eleven I'm drawing in this series ;p
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I will stand for no revisionist waffles! Or CRUMPETS!
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wooow, that looks awesome!!!! as ever :D
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