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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

EDIT: This piece demonstrates MY opinion. Yours may well be different. If you're going to insult me, my work or the Pussy Riot women then please at least have the courage to do it openly in the Comments.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a member of Pussy Riot, one of those jailed by Putin as he's scared of women speaking the truth, today began a hunger strike in protest over the appauling conditions these political prisoners are being held in.

Link to The Guardian story…
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you portrayed this girl is better than it really is..
all of us are ashamed of their behavior.. they don't deserve to their immortalized in paintings, believe me! :( it is so sad..

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It is her right, together with the rest of the collective, to protest against some of the extreme policies being pushed in Russia by Putin, with the collusion of the Orthadox church there. The church moved into the political arena in support of Putin of its own accord, and cannot expect to be free of protest because of that.


I don't care that "they offended the feelings of believers". The views put forward by Putin and his cronies offend me, and so it my right to speak out against them.


Russian anti-gay law:…


Russian Journalists murdered:…


Putin's political opponents imprisoned:…


...and so on.


As far as 'defiling' a church, that's just not something I care about. I support none of the Abrahamic religions, Russian Orthadoxy included. I'm offended by much of what's done in the name of religion.


The freedom to say 'I don't agree with you' is surely a basic right of all of us. We don't all agree - that's the human condition - so saying "all of us are ashamed of their behavior" is false. You have the right to not like what they stand for, but you must allow them the same right.

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gay propaganda is banned in many countries, including in some States in America, why all the sticks are falling on Russia? you are not objective! much where journalists get killed.. I wouldn't have wanted us enslaved us or Europe, who want to overthrow Putin..

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'propaganda'? really? You're right that some States in America and some African countries too have oppressive hate laws. I don't like them either. Nothing I've said applies to Russia alone. It's your reading of it that makes it so. However, only one countries state sponsored vigilantes used whips on members of Pussy Riot when they attempted to perform recently…
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our nation many hate, and Putin is only a pretext. many want to get rid of.. and such elements as this lady, just a weapon in the hands of those who want to destroy us..

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Paranoia is the shield of the oppressor. 'Everyone hates us so we must hate them back'.
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In this world everything is relative and I am sure that each will be rewarded according to their merits! God their judge! People who cannot remember the past are to experience it again! You judge the situation from the position of the submitting your media, and it is always subjective! you only see the inside out, we know about everything from the inside..
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We are literally made from the stuff of stars.


The universe was born in fire 13.8 billion years ago. The Earth and the rest of the solar system formed from the dust and ash of that big bang around 4.5 billion years ago. Life began on earth around a billion years after that, and slowly evolved through miniscule mutation and evolutionary leaps until the primate that was to become man developed in Africa only around 200,000 years ago. Since then, mankind and its shorter lived sub-species spread around the globe.


When we die, the particles we are made of return and become other things.


We have been stars. Planets. Dinosaurs. Trees. Dust. Rocks. We will become that again until entropy slows and cools the universe to nothing.


All this is wonderful, and I certainly don't need a mythical bronze-age father figure judging me or my beliefs.


You are quite welcome to have your own beliefs. That's your right, but please, enough with the 'judging' and 'knowing'.

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well, ok.. I hope, that i can say, that you have a wonderful creativity? :) this is not forbidden? and not contradict your beliefs?
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she and the same as she insulted the entire Russian nation, when they defiled the Church.. they offended the feelings of believers.. it is not appropriate behavior for a true man.. at home, they can be safely called political prostitutes.. I am very sad that worldwide there are so protective.. if you lived in Russia, I wish you could see it otherwise!
On November 7, Ms. Tolokonnikova has her 24th birthday.
Free Pussy Riot!

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I have admired your art for awhile but after reading your spirited and commonsense defense of your views on the imprisonment of Pussy Riot - you have both my admiration and respect as a person and an artist.
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Thanks Tony. Some of the direct messages I was receiving over this made it difficult to maintain any composure. I really appreciate the comment. 
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Yes, there are some intense people out there. I have often regretted getting involved in internet discussions/ arguments often on religion v atheism topics.
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I've actually never heard of it! May I ask what is it?
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Well, they're a band/protest group who were arrested (here…), imprisoned in a hard labour camp and one of whom is now on hunger strike over the conditions they're being kept in (here…)


I don't really want to say much more personally, as my opinion's pretty well known I guess from this tread of comments, but I'd certainly encourage anyone to check the links (to reputable news agencies) and make up their own minds.

JustMehBeingMeh's avatar shouldn't have happened...geez
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So, you know, fucking free Pussy Riot and damn the prison system.
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Like the piece and the cause.
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