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King of the Rocketmen!

Getting my hand working (or trying to)

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I think this is a great composition and would make a good cover for a comic book. I really like the action of the rocketman taking flight. Excellent job on the lights and shadows. It really captures the material, especially the helmet. If I recall from the original serials the helmet was more of a non-reflective metal and I think you really captured it here. I like your background texture which really sets the mood of the piece. Great work!

I loved seeing Commando Cody (Radar Men from the Moon) on TV when I was a kid and have been a huge fan of the rocketmen ever since.
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Thanks Ted! I love everything about him, especially that he controls his flight by twirling dials on his chest piece. I think he's almost the forgotted serial hero. Everyone remembers Flash, Buck, Zorro and Dick Tracy. As much as I love Dave Stevens' reinvention of the wearers of the Rocketman suit, I think the original has a lot to offer still!
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Cheers! Just a bit of fun really.
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Wow, cool!!!
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