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Well now.

Despite me prattling on about having fallen out of love with the medium, here's a new page. I've done this for several reasons I guess. It's all written is a big one. I'm also hoping that my feelings are temporary, and I can work through them.

I also think I might almost like this page. I'm trying to be a bit experimental with the layout, so the clawed hand is the panel frame and the claw and the claw marks. Hopefully it works.

This page is a couple of days ahead of schedule as I've got a very busy period coming up.

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great work on this page, honey :D:D :heart:
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Thanks! That's me trying to be clever :)
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I like the experiment. It seems like you are looking for a new sequential layout communication, so i suggest you to follow your instint and give a look at some "out of the box" pros that are around
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Cheers, and I will. So far all I've really looked at are old schoolers like Bill Sienkiewicz, Will Eisner and Frank Bellamy. Most of what I've been thinking about for the communication comes from 1960s European New Wave cinema and how they did it. Part of it is I want to avoid being too influenced I guess...
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I see. i looks like a great plan. Give a look at this already know him, but i don't know if you knew this site:…
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that is a beautifully dramatic page
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