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Well, in the light of the Wonder Woman re-design, I thought I'd go with the flow, and offer up a re-look at Superman along the same thematic lines.

Obviously, the traditional colours are too bright to be properly street, so I've toned them down, and the iconic logo, well that's too iconic, so I've shrunken that down too.

Black's cool, and so are jackets with the sleeves rolled up, so that's in, and a cap will make a good merchandising tie-in, so that's in too.

Street's cool, and I hear the kidz are wearing baggy pants, so Supes is now too.

There's a reason an iconic design works, and showing an ignorance of the design history of an iconic outfit, simply to see your name in the papers is pretty low.

The real Superman is owned by DC Comics. This ain't him.
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This is awesome.
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I like it, Supah Flah boi! Nice pose too, really works for the design. This'd make a great standalone superhero, but I think the real supes would trip in or shread through those pants :P.
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This Superman scares me.... Very, very much.
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As he should. Not as scary as the WW re-design tho'
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I hear what you're saying yo momma and all that jazz ^.^
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You are fantastic.
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And I don't even mean the art here. I mean the satire. IT BURNS.
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Merci! The sketch was attached to the text really, rather than the other way 'round.
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Told you! your jobs are great :)
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You're very kind, thanks :)
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you "heard" the kids wear baggy pants? :lol: :la:
but a great picture - you never do bad, don't you? :heart:
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I iz in da house, as it were.
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LOL, yo yo yo da S-Man is in the house! Nicely done Doc.
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