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History Lettered pg01

Lettered page one of this thing.

Plenty of story behind this thing, but I'm really using it to do some testing of style, so comments would be appreciated.

Mix of Pencil/Digital Pencil and Inks/Digital painting

Words and Pictures ©2018 Jonathan Wyke
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I love this; the color, the drama and visual impact of the portions that have been painted vs the line art. It poetic, and I can't wait to see you finish the story. Really lovely work!
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Thank you very much!

I'm hoping to use the painted areas to sort of force the readers' focus onto specific areas, but I worry that it's too heavy handed. The whole start of this, colour-wise, is meant to echo cave art, and I planned to have the palette shift as the story focus shifts to more modern times. I could easily be over-thinking. I'm currently thinking of dumping the lettering I've used so far and instead hand rendering it. The whole thing is one giant experiment anyway...

Thank you again for taking the time to comment, I really do appreciate it.
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No no, I get it and I really think it works well. Not heavy-handed at all! Though I'd keep the lettering as clean as possible, if you do find something that looks hand-written, sometimes those novelty fonts are a distraction. Or worse: unreadable!