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FF02 MuchGirl

FF02 MuchGirl

Here's the second of the free character pics I'm doing (detailed here [link] ).

This one is the Alejandro Bruzzese's wonderfully bizzare character, MuchGirl. I spent an age on this, doodling away, trying to work out the anatomy of how a woman with two heads and necks would work, before finally seeing sense and just drawing it...

For far better realised versions, as well as some just bloody brilliant work, please head over to Alejandro's page!

This one was MangaStudio Pencils / Illustrator Inks / Photoshop Colours

Character created by Alejandro Bruzzese
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I was interested to see how you'd interpret such an absurd character in your hyper-realistic style. I love the loose, almost cartoony look you went for. The expressions (especially Righty's) are fantastic!

Also, the combination of her color scheme with the everyday clothing makes it seem as if she's the next reincarnation of The Doctor. (Hmm, their adventures would be similar.)

Thank you, Sir!
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I'm glad you liked her! I really did agonise over her anatomy for a long time - just how would 2 necks attach?!? In the end I felt I had to try something looser, and I enjoyed the challenge. I wanted her in norman street clothed as I hoped it'd further emphasise here oddness. Not that it really needs it.

She was a pleasure to draw - thanks for letting me play in her world for a little bit.

By the way, in my head, right head is singing, left head is critiquing...
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Haha... yeah, that can be a tough call. I think of her as having two separate spines at an angle attached the the same rib cage & pelvis. That widens the torso a bit so I gave her those big hips to keep her form balanced and feminine.

I'm glad that you just let go after a while. It definitely comes through in the breezyness of the shot. Good call on juxtaposing the mundane with the absurd. I'm a big fan of that.

In my head this is the song: [link]
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Could be... could also be this [link]
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This is great. I like the slight cartoonishness, it really works with the character and blends with your style.
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I had to go cartoony, as I couldn't work out how she would work anatomically otherwise, as I am not smart enough... so long as Alejandro likes it, it's all good!
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