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Eight of Eleven

Eight of Eleven.

Another one of these Doctor Who pieces. I intend to do all eleven, and have a vague order in which to do them in mind, but if anyone has a preference, please feel free to shout out! I always thought Paul McGann got something of a bum deal with his short stay as The Doctor.

Dr Who is © BBC, used here in non-profit tribute.
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I've yet to acquaint myself *properly* with 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th - but for the time being at least, Eighth is (largely thanks to Big Finish) MY Doctor.
And I really like this pic. Besides having a thing for the 8th (and McGann), I have thing for B&W as well...:-)
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I really liked McGann, and I was thrilled to see him brought back - if even for just a little bit.
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August of eleventh, give a cake plz. :D not a joke,8 and 11 are my old favorites.
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No cake for you, ten and four are clearly the best :)
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they always on the list.
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Personally I'd go for doing them in chronological order of appearance. But hey, guess it's interesting to do it randomly ^_^. Anyways, I like it, looking good, as always :P.
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It's less random, more who I liked...
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Ah, fair dues. Well it's looking awesome so far regardless. Looking forward to the next one ^_^.
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also a great job (:
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Very nice piece. If I had to offer up some constructive criticism I would say that throughout the series you make most of them look older than they look (Which, of course they are, so that could be what you were going for, in which case good deal, haha.), with a few too many lines defining the chin/neck or eye-lines (or whatever you would call them... eye wrinkles?).
Anyway, that being said I also think that this is the best piece so far in the series! You did the actual outfit and hair pretty dang well, with a good amount of hair showing and the "negative" space filling in the hi-lights quite well.
And yes, I also believe McGann got a bum deal with his version of The Doctor. I'm still kind of hoping they do a reasonable flash-back to him eventually (Because well, he is the doctor that actually fought the most in The Last Great Time War.)
As far as requests go, were you planning on doing Colin Baker next? He's another Doctor I really like and think was much to underrated.
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One of the main reasons for doing this little series was to try out a new style, which visually I think owes quite a lot to wood-cut. I'd agree that the stark use of black lines as tone, rather than say a colour wash, does tend to age the figures, but at the moment I'm happy to sacrifice that level of accuracy on the likeness for the continued style development. Still, a style-in-progress, and I really appreciate the time spent to offer up constructive criticism :)
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Oh, dang, I didn't even pick up on the allusion to wood-cut style, which is quite on the spot actually.
And good on you as far as the comment on "but at the moment I'm happy to sacrifice that level of accuracy on the likeness for the continued style development" because it is true that you can't help it sometimes with the extreme black-white contrast.
And no problem, glad I could provide some help. :)
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