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Page One of Book Two

As was the case in the last set, the colour palette is deliberately chosen, and has reasons.

My plan for this book, such as it is, is slightly different to Book One. I'm not rushing it as much, and am spending more time on the drawings than i did in Beginnings. I'm also fitting it in around other things, so I'm expecting it to take longer to get through.

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What a style you gave the character ! I love it ! ;) Especially the "thing" on his face !
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Thanks very much :)
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I swear to God when I get some cool down time in about 3 weeks I'm so doing a 3D head bust of this character...
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now that's a GREAT idea :D
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i should also add, i think, that all lettering in this books is done with fonts from Blambot [link]
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Cool drawing ... nice text ... sets up for a nice profound story ... pretty cool
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thanks very much Thornster. i'm just hoping i can keep the mood right as i go through
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Have you changed his cloak's colour, or just the palette? Are you going sepiatone?
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none of the above ;)
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thanks GG! i was pleased with it, and unusually for me, i know and like what's coming up. it's nasty.
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