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DW Eight And A Half

Eight and a Half of Eleven.

I've been away from the drawing-board for a couple of days (doing designing), and came back to it today and started to re-draw a panel from IRON. However, it seems in those few days away I have forgotten how to bloody draw so decided to do one of these instead to get my hand working on familiar patterns once more.

This one is John Hurt as The Doctor. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi's Doctor, but the casting of Hurt as a 'lost' Doctor really appeals to me.

Reference used is from the BBC's site and was up as I worked.

I guess this one should be Eight out of Thirteen, but that'd me re-naming all the others I've done, and I'm far too lazy to do that.

Pencil / Illustrator (/Wacom)

Dr Who is © BBC, used here in non-profit tribute.
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Gorgeous-you've captured him perfectly.  I'm excited to see how he fits into things as well
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Thanks! I'm really excited by Hurt's casting. I know it'll be just for the special(s), but how terrific would it be to have him for a season or two?
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 Given that he's a big name actor, I doubt they can afford him for more than one episode.  But we can always dream...
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You mean folks get paid for being The Doctor? I'd always assumed they fought each other in brutal hand-to-hand combat to win the privilege
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That was the Classic Era.  Ah for the good old days...