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Beauté impossible

:iconironmitten: did this simply wonderful piece, transposing Audry Hepburn into a steampunk world

I just loved it, wished I'd thought of it, and thus decided to do a piece inspired by it. I certainly can't compete with the astonishing level of skill IronMitten shows, but I had fun doing it.

Photo-reference was used in the pencils stage for Ingrid as there's no way I'm good enough to get a close likeness of the beautiful Ms Bergman from memory.

Pencil / Illustrator (mouse and wacom)

©2010 Jonathan Wyke
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This is so awesome. Cyberpunk and "Casablanca"...well actually "Barb Wire" did that. But you did it far better! 
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Great work, I wish I was as good as this with Illustrator
JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks! It's just untold years of doing little Illustrator buttons, icons and doodles!
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"Casablanca" in steampunk form, that's an awesome idea! This is a very cool picture. I love the monical you gave her. Ingrid's expression works very well with this picture.

The only critique I can really give here is that Ingrid's pin doesn't quite blend in with the rest of her. Maybe next time use more shading, to blend everything in together.
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Thanks! You may be right about the pendant. I wanted it to stand out, but the juxtaposition of the colours onto the predominant greyscale may make it pop too much.
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No problem. Well I woldn't worry about it; it's a minor detail that doesn't hurt the picture.
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A wonderful piece, The monochrome accented by the gold,brass, ruby red are breath taking!!Bravo!
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It's very nice of you to say so, thanks!
GeorgieGanarf's avatar
My pleasure my friend!
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Thanks very much!
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You saw something you liked and made it your own. Doc, I think you did pretty darn well. :nod:
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Oh those black and white tones <3
I love the whole concept of it, with the steampunk items/features done in color :D
Absolutely brilliant, she looks very beautiful :)
JonathanWyke's avatar
Thanks very much! IronMitten should take the credit for the basic idea - his Audrey Hepburn piece was what inspired my take.
JesnCin's avatar
You're welcome!
Ah yes his piece, I remember bumping into it a while ago :D
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That looks like a Steampunkish character I was dabbling with and as such is how about other stars of stage and screen in unfamiliar hero or genre styles ?
JonathanWyke's avatar
That's a good idea. I think I'm waaaay too lazy to do it tho ;p
LegacyHeroComics's avatar
Very cool.
You were inspired by the Audrey image and concept and made it your own.
Nicely done.
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Thansk - IronMitten's pic is much, much prettier tho! Was fun to do
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