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A Journey p01 COL

Further development on this. I want to give a bit of a feel of rock art running through.

All MangaStudio, many, many layers now.

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beautiful line work.  I love the limited pallet of color. 
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Thank you! I'm trying just to use an earthy sienna-based palette to sort of reference the colours used in ancient rock-art. I'm not sure whether it'll work for many pages, so by page four I expect I'll be bored with it and need to spice it up :)
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You're welcome! And I think adding color on later pages would be a great way to develop the story told.  
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Beautiful work so far! You could almost leave it unfinished seeing as how it's gorgeous as it is now. :0
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Thank you! Art-wise, there's little left to do on it, other than some fiddling. There's the text to add, then that's it. I think the text will help 'solidify' some areas, and then I'll see just how much fiddling is needed. I certainly won't be extending the detailed areas - they're just for focusing the readers attention, hopefully!
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