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Nick and Judy look at the stars.

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Inspired by the Infinity sky box "Stars Over Sahara Square." Nick and Judy look at the night sky on top of a building over looking their city. I still think the last things you'll ever see on a night sky of a brightly lit city are stars.

Even if they couldn't see the stars, they found something else to do...

You can see Stars Over Sahara Square here
Oddly, the music used in that video reminded me of this which in turn I used to maintain the mood for making this fan art.
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This needs to happen in a sequel. 
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This is so adorably lovely :heart:
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Kiss me in the moonlight so cute
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Listening to Different Heaven - Far away and timing everything perfectly fits so well!
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I like the simplicity of it a lot and obviously it's adorable XD but I think it would actually be stronger without the speech bubbles as just their simple movements is enough for us to know what they're thinking :)
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C'est overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute x'D
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Are they sqying anything or is the "..." just silence?
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no they're not saying anything.
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Nice comic!! I like your drawing style! ^^
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Truth of the matter is, nobody can help who they fall in love with. 
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Have not yet seen the film. Now, I am really considering seeing it.
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Saw it. Really liked it. Definitely recommend it.
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I see three lares on the top in Twitter. And I saw a three lares bottom and this... I love what I dream about her.
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Awwwwwwww :) Adorable :)
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that time you ship two people in movie s and the movies not out and that's me I SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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