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shooting in the rain

Here is a small tutorial on how I shoot in the rain. Let me know what you think :)

Original photography:

Edit: fixed some typos, thanks to =drop-asd

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Hi! As promised, here I am to give you my two cents. Firstly I'd like to congratulate you for a well-laid out and useful tutorial. The photos you've chosen are relevant, the text is easy to read and concise.
There are just a few typos and grammar mistakes that could be fixed so it becomes perfect.
"(like the hama you see here=" should be "(like the hama you see here)" - you haven't closed the bracket.
"plus it's a lot easier" should be "plus they are a lot easier" as you begin your sentence with "UV-filters" in plural.
"You have to watch out for more reflextions" should be "you have to watch out for more reflections".
"The prize of this one" should be "the price of this one".
I somehow think "wipes" would be better than "towels" for what you mean in the tut.
"If you were glasses yourself" should be "If you wear glasses yourself"
ANd finally, "experiences" should be "experience".
Great tutorial! Do let me know if you would make the changes so I can suggest it after you've done that. Otherwise I'll suggest it as it is. ;]
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Wow, thank you very much! I will edit it this weekend! It's awesome that you took the time, really!
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You're most welcome! :aww: Let me know when it's done. ;)
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Piece is re-uploaded
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I've corrected the typos on my blog now, will make the changes in the inkscape source file tonight :)

Thanks for your patience
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Awesome Composition:):)
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