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But is this critique of the hakenkreuz or critique of the leftist forces that tricked the Western allies into suppressing it?
JonathanMH's avatar
It's not critique against the shape, but the NS regime.
GabrielleBonez's avatar
Damn, This Is Powerful .

JonathanMH's avatar
thank you very much :hug:
LenaMay-Cosplay's avatar
well ... I really don't know what to say ...
JonathanMH's avatar
Okay, why that?
LenaMay-Cosplay's avatar
well .. the subject is really sensitive to me
JonathanMH's avatar
It would help me to know how you understand this piece.
LenaMay-Cosplay's avatar
the words u wrote are very strong.. they really make me speechless. If you ask me what that symbol mean to me I'll say all those words .
JonathanMH's avatar
Okay, thank you very much for your comments. I first thought you were offended by this or something.
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You have been featured here: [link] Don't forget to fav the news and get as many people as you can to as well so more people will see, thanks a lot.
monsterlienchen's avatar
nicht alle ideologien sind schlecht. :)
guselektrisch's avatar
Great job! It´s sad that the Nazis fucked up with this symbol that mean a lot of good things though..., Cheers!
BTIsaac's avatar
They only managed to fuck it up because people just let them have it. I'm not going to stand for it. In fact I'll so my best to have it taken away from them for good. They never had any right to use that symbol until people all over the world decided "It's completely corrupted by now, so they can have it".
BlackInfinity666's avatar
lovely job. I like the symbolism here.
JonathanMH's avatar
Vielen Dank. Habe heute unerwartet frei und dachte ich tu dann doch mal was sinnvolles.
PanicatsPhantasie's avatar
Ja, wieso nicht? :) Scheint ja was bei rumzukommen^^
JonathanMH's avatar
Jap, stimmt :D mein einer Kollege grade, mit dem ich öfter mal Scherze über das Thema mache meinte:
aber du hättest andere wörter benutzen müssen...

mut, tapferkeit, ehre, treue, herrenrasse und sowas

So herrlich der Typ :D
PanicatsPhantasie's avatar
Pff also echt^^ Kannst sowas ja auch mal mit dem SS-Zeichen machen^^ Läuft denk ich mal auf fast das selbe hinaus.
JonathanMH's avatar
[link] <- hier der richtige Link
JonathanMH's avatar
Die Runen hab ich sogar schonmal verbaut: :thumb133266661:
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Thank you very much :)
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