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Umbreon Pokeball


Now my works on facebook including pokeball
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:pokeball: Favs & watch me for more Pokeballs :pokeball:

Yes it's Umbreon, the darkness eevee evolution.
That's my first pokeball of an eevee evolution.
I hope you will like or love it =)

Thanks to:
- Torvald for glass ball stock's [link]

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umbereon i love you...
takes poke ball
Danellesm's avatar
Wow, these are absolutely amazing. Such an interesting way to see the inside.
Jonathanjo's avatar
Thanks a lot =)
I try to make these Pokeballs as real as I can.
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Jonathanjo's avatar
my fav pokemon ever I like it btu i wish it was flashy like the other ones n_n
Jonathanjo's avatar
I think to make a new one shortly 
DarkariaX's avatar
I wish this is what pokeballs actually looked like. How the hell do people know what pokemon there battling with!?!
DarkariaX's avatar
AkariKurai's avatar
Wow... very nice ^^

Umbreon is my favourite pokemon *-*
blackburn789's avatar
nice umbreon pokeball i look like it real
ViolePandora's avatar
You're pokeball images are so beautiful!! Especially this one.
88Hypnotist8's avatar
You have been featured: [link] :)
M-J-Gagne's avatar
Nice image. Is it a photomanipulation? I don't follow pokemon so I am not familiar with the subject matter but this is great effect. Nice work.
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mangasockattack's avatar
Very cool~ I love the glow~
ScarabsCorner's avatar
SilverWolf915's avatar
i love of my fav eevolutions! this is so cool. i love how u made the patterns glow like the description of it say they do :D
torivarn's avatar
Wouldn't it be awesome if one could trap people in those energyballs and just summon them when you needed them? :P
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