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Possessed Sally and hopeless Sally

For me the despair begets evil, and sometimes we feel like that sickness that gives us the feeling that we made ​​progress while it is the opposite.

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OMG my skill have grew up in some days O<O .
hum .... So, you can see 2 face of my OC called Sally who's an important character of my project.
She is hopeless (right) and will converge to possessed (left) due of an accident about her parents.
I hope you will like or love it =)

A special thank to :iconkasukiii:~Kasukiii who helped me by one of his tutorials.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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(My first critique so sorry if i'm not going through much detail >w>")

Firstly i'd like to say that this is amazing, the shading is good a little too soft on Sally's hair and clothing on the left face, isn't easy to see shading. I can see that you have tried adding detail in the hair (on the left face with purple lighting), but try adding highlights in the hair to give Sally's hair more realism ^^

Other than that you just gotta love those eyes. They are so detailed, i can tell that you took your time on the eyes with this piece of digital art! ^^ And with the tears too of course, they're better what i can do *isjealous* ;;w;;

With the Vision of this digital art, it is very clear to me and looking at other comments everybody else as well. I could tell without reading the description that Sally was possibly possessed on the left whilst she was upset on the right, Sally looks like two completley different people on both sides which also justifies the different emotions that you the art envisioned and us the viewers can also see! ^^

Overall i think this is a lovely piece of digital art and shows very clearly within the art itself Sally's emotions! ^^ I need to watch you hahah XD

Oh and about the shading i do like how you shaded Sally it's just that it wasn't suited for this specific piece of digital art incase i confused you ^^"
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Many thanks for your critique, That will be really useful for my next works =)
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No problem and that's good to hear ^^
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No problem and that's good to hear ^^
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This image came out very nice. You've successfully made your point with this image. The tears are superb and those eyes are amazing. The only thing I think could improve is the the shading, it's too soft in contrast with the concept of the image, and the hair on the left side looks like clay rather than actual hair. Personally I would had made the background a more contrasting color, because right now it blends with the whole image. Apart from those things I think the image came out incredibly nice. Great work mate, keep on posting, this is one hell of an image.
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Thanks a lot for your useful critique =)
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No problem mate :)
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This is good. It reminds me of a poster for Bates Motel but good none the less.
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whoa, so weird... I wonder how it would feel... I dont want to get possessed, but you cant help but wonder you know? It's like wondering what it's like breaking a bone.
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this is amazing...i had chills and teared at the same time
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great job!! i like how you color!!
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Amazing one! I love the eyes and the overall atmosphere <3 (dat dramatical shadow lol)
Although Sally on the right needs a little bit more detail in her hair. But nothing else. Keep up the good work!
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very nice. but you should try to work on a bit mor detail in hair.
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that lighting shade makes it for me
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nice expression >.<
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I love where the light sits, very believable!!

great work
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great job ! I really like it, U are very talented :)
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Thanks a lot for these compliments =)
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This tells a million different stories. Very well done!
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nice concept for an OC and pretty nicely done
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Nice coloring in this work :D
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