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Pokeball of Xerneas


So, I don't knew if I must do a pokeball for the news legendaries pokemon and my visitors and watcher convince me to make one , so it's done.
You can see Xerneas who's go out of his pokeball.
I've added some lights on his colors corns for a shine effect
I hope you will like or love it =)

A new pokeball for Xerneas :
Pokeball of Xerneas by Jonathanjo 

Thanks to:
-moonfishing-stock for the glass ball stock moonfishing-stock.deviantart.c…
-:iconxous54: Xous54 for the Xerneas render's

my works:
Lu arrives on the Battlefield by JonathanjoPokemon X - Xerneas by JonathanjoPossessed Sally and hopeless Sally by JonathanjoLu,  OC re-designed by Jonathanjo
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hes like. HEY!!!
jaba2007's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you those?!?!?!?!?!?!?
flubbersaurus's avatar
Wow, you are pretty lazy.
SARAyoung's avatar
awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool
KMO27's avatar
mjdaluz's avatar
Cool work, though im not much of a pokemon fan, i like it
Otaku3333's avatar
Wow! This is so pretty! :iconwowplz:
WillFactorMedia's avatar
Didn't Skotein feature one of your pieces recently? The guy who did Pokemon Reorchestrated?
Jonathanjo's avatar
I don't know :/
WillFactorMedia's avatar
Hmm, doesn't look like it was Pokemon Reorchestrated; it must have been another one of the pokemon pages that I watch on facebook.
DonVoltonus's avatar
Love these pokeballs, is there on of Y's legendary yet?
teddeyLP's avatar
I'm not a big fan of Pokemon, but it looks pretty cool :) Lightning and all bright details makes this special, great work :)
Scarecrowlover's avatar
This is wonderful. The lighting is crisp and brings out the details the hand. Lovely framing.
BrittanyJustus's avatar
Gat job. I want one. There is lot more pokemon than when I first played back in the 90's. That's for sure. Can anyone really keep up all of them? :D
Skytch's avatar
Oh snap. This is some pretty good photo manipulation you have here. The portrayal of the pokemon coming out of the pokeball is quite uniquely done, and the background use of the hands adds a miniature or dare I say "pocket " effect to the picture.

Score - 8/10
everton1120's avatar
That's incredible! how on earth did you make that?
Jonathanjo's avatar
By a photomanipulation :D
everton1120's avatar
That's awesome *-* must have taken ages!
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