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It was with this sight that I had a powerful spiritual experience. I saw the sheets of snow falling in the sky in front of the sun and I realized the vast space they filled. I had often realized the huge spaces I photographed but this time it was much more apparent. I'm not talking about just seeing the space. But I realized it. My consciousness joined with the space, so to speak. I then saw the profound red glow of the sun behind the sheets of snow and a profound love filled me for it all. It was so incredible and beautiful. My spine tingles up and down as I type this, still, nine years later. I was in total awe and humility at this. My usual agnostic life view gave way to a realization that this was God's creation. It was profound love and awe, foremost, that filled me. My thinking mind ceased in this awe. I felt this false self, the thinking 'me', fall away. My thinking mind had completely stopped. There was no need to think about it. I just stayed in the experience.

I realized that I felt something close by, but that it had been there all along but that I had not perceived it. It's very difficult to explain. I realized it was alive, and that it was intelligent and far smarter than me. This feeling of a knowing life seemed pervasive all around. Suddenly I felt as if I could communicate with it. I was shocked. I asked it, "Who are you?" It replied "I Am Life." With the reply there was love in it also. I had never felt anything quite like this before and I longed for it. I asked it "Where have you been?" It replied "I Am always a part of you." I then realized that 'it' was the source of life, love and joy. A smile came upon me from where all the laughter and joy I had felt since birth. I then heard chorus singing in rejoice of him. It sounded like all the great music I've ever heard, all at once, but that it was perfectly beautiful.  Maybe songwriters can access this as a source.

I then merged with it. There was no longer 'it' and a 'me'. We were one. Trying to put to words what happened next is difficult. We experienced eternity together. Knowledge was imparted to me. I traveled what seemed great distances. After a couple seconds my thinking mind brought an urge to photograph the scene and so I returned. As we parted it told me to "Share 'Me' with the world." Others in the chorus then told me that my photography would be enjoyed by many people and have profound consequences (as all things do). For several more minutes my state of consciousness was still returning to 'normal.' For example I sensed that a tree was in complete peace in the biting cold weather.

It's okay to be skeptical. An experience like this could merely be the left hemisphere (the serial, thinking side) of the brain more or less ceasing function as what happens often under anesthesia. The right side of the brain is what we use to experience love, beauty, joy (music), etc.. So I'm not saying I know the ultimate truth. But I had a spiritual experience and it wasn't the first or last, but it was up to that point, the most profound. Or maybe it's a completely real reality that we are mostly unaware and so we obsess and get lost in our materialistic world. I suggest reading Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" book because he describes what I talk about here better than anything else I've read. If you want to do great art, you *must* be able to access the Now.

Another good reference is the map of consciousness. See if this link works:

(typing this experience from memory here so I've missed some of it but this gets the gist of it)

With Love,

Photo taken Feb 8th, 2004. Reprocessed March 2013.
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MykotoHobbyist General Artist
This is very beautiful, and I love what you wrote :) I'm glad this gorgeous scene was so much more than what it seems here for you ^^
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wow i adore it.
i hate how it has just 31 favs >.<
anyway, lovely lovely work!
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Thank you! Yes my work isn't getting a ton of traffic. I'm glad however that it is being appreciated by some! Enjoy!
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StolvezenHobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous :heart:
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ArachnoWolfHobbyist General Artist
Mother Nature is powerful :-) Thank you for sharing your experience with us!